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CHS Survey | What’s your Jenny Durkan Capitol Hill approval rating?

With Mayor Jenny Durkan’s first community town hall on Capitol Hill taken care of, CHS thought we’d check in on how you feel your relatively new Seattle mayor is doing. We’ll share the results here and check in again the next time the mayor is planning a Capitol Hill appearance.

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4 thoughts on “CHS Survey | What’s your Jenny Durkan Capitol Hill approval rating?

  1. Whereas the Durkan survey shows as blank on my iPad, I herein vote “Too soon to tell”. Let it be recorded so.

  2. She hasn’t yet signed the Mayors Net Neutrality Petition though she’s had ample opportunity. Her campaign set a different tone. Access and neutrality go hand in hand. I question her allegiances.

  3. We need more pedestrian, bike and transit improvements, and we need them QUICK. The hesitation/”reset” on Move Seattle and the hold placed on the CCC are signs that Mayor Durkan might yield to SOV-driving voters. :-(

  4. I’m super disappointed in her performance in the transportation arena. She needs to hire a strong SDOT Director and she needs to stop waffling around on transit and bike/ped issues. Just build the Center City Connector already — everyone knows it’s going to make the SLU and First Hill Streetcars so much more useful. Pausing construction is just going to cost more money. And build the Basic Bike Network as promised by SDOT! As traffic gets worse, it’s that much more important to have good, safe, and convenient bike routes through downtown so people have a reasonable choice to not use a car.