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City Council takes up landmarking of Broadway’s Eldridge Tire building

Capitol Hill’s next landmark is set to begin its path through the Seattle City Council on the way to official historical protection.

Broadway’s Mission Revival-styled Eldridge Tire Company won designation last year after the landmarks board agreed the auto row-era design was worthy of protection.

The 1925-building in the 1500 block of Broadway between Pike and Pine is home to Tacos Guaymas and Folicle Hair Design.

The Seattle Central-owned property is a possible trade piece for the school in its dealings with Sound Transit. The college has plans to acquire Sound Transit’s property just north of the school and adjacent Capitol Hill Station’s west side of Broadway entrance in exchange for the soon-to-be landmarked parcel. In recent weeks, Seattle Central executed its plan to demolish its North Plaza building to prepare for future development of that area and Site D. In the past, the school has said creating affordable faculty housing is a priority.

According to the city council’s legislation, the Eldridge Tire structure’s protections extend only to its exterior meaning the building could be utilized in the neighborhood’s preservation incentive program that rewards developers for keeping “character building” facades by allowing taller buildings.

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5 thoughts on “City Council takes up landmarking of Broadway’s Eldridge Tire building

    • Totally speculating: SCC has no money, but lots of high value property. ST’s light rail property might have affordable housing stipulations, which might be turning away potential developers

      The trade would give SCC a much better location for their student/staff housing and ST would just sell off this property for cold, hard cash, since ST may not legally be able to be landlords.

      Sometimes government agencies have to do creative stuff to get around limitations imposed on them.

      If anyone actually knows, please chime in!

        “Capitol Hill Housing and Mithun have now filed an early plan for the combined 14,356-square-foot midblock site, which is zoned up to 65 feet. With HALA incentives (the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda), that height could be raised. The working title for the project is The Eldridge.

        The early plan is for about 82 permanently affordable units in a seven-story building. Units would range from studios to two-bedrooms. They would be restricted to individuals and families earning up to 60 percent of area median income.”

        There would also be about 4,800 square feet of retail.

  1. Oops, not sure what happened there.

    CHH+Mithun are on the agenda to discuss this building at the next PPUNC meeting.