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Pro-choice groups holding #StopKavanaugh Vigil in Cal Anderson

Fortunately, President Trump’s text to millions of Americans did not involve MAGA. Unfortunately, it also did not announce the removal of Brett Kavanaugh from consideration for the Supreme Court. Wednesday night as Washington D.C. braces for a vote on the troubling nominee, groups led by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Seattle Indivisible will hold a #StopKavanaugh Vigil in Cal Anderson:

Seattle #StopKavanaugh Vigil

The vigil is part of gatherings planned across the country “to demand that the U.S. Senate stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.”

Capitol Hill’s central park continues to be a gathering point of resistance against the Trump administration. Earlier this year, tens of thousands rallied there before marching to the Seattle Center for women’s rights. Next year’s Womxn’s March Seattle is being planned for January but organizers are hoping to coordinate the event with annual MLK Day celebrations and actions with a start planned for the Central District.

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5 thoughts on “Pro-choice groups holding #StopKavanaugh Vigil in Cal Anderson

  1. Has anything actually come from all of these “resistance” rallies and vigils? Seems to be an incredible amount of this activity in Seattle these days and I’m just not clear on what is being accomplished.

    Also wonder who all of these people are who join protests every week. Do they not have jobs or families?

    • One could ask you the same thing. Do you think anything will come from your comment? Do you think it will stop these people from protesting?

      Ultimately people can have jobs and families AND exercise their civil freedoms in protest of the government. People can have opinions, and can express them. Regardless of whether it results in direct change. It’s one of the great things about this country; the right to speak your mind. Even if nobody listens.

    • Have you studied American History? Do you know about Civil Rights? Have you heard of Martin Luther King? Have you heard of Suffragettes?

      Also, wonder if people who comment on the internet have passed third grade? Did their parents not send them to school? Have they been living under a rock or is it just a lifetime of ignorant privilege?

      • LOL @ comparing “Stop Kavanaugh!” or “WE DESERVE RENT CONTROL!” to the Civil Rights movement.

        I certainly can’t comment on everyone who posts on the internet, but speaking for myself, yes I did in fact pass third grade (all the way up and through BA and MBA).

        I do realize that in today’s world most would consider me ignorant and privileged (because I’m white and male and have built a nice life for my family) but I’m ok with that considering the alternatives…