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£20 for a boiled egg, one piece of toast, a mug of tea… and CHS community news?

CHS is pay what you can community news.

What does that mean?

Well, for one, it means we need to run a small subscriber drive every now and then to get our numbers up to help pay for things like reporters and photographers covering multiple important District 3 candidate events this week and bringing on our new summer 2019 intern.

You might have missed our pushes and promos for the drive — but you also might not have.

Not everybody subscribes. Anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 people read the site — every day! As of the minute I’m writing this, we have 714 monthly subscribers and another 112 annuals. Thanks for your support! You’re the best 10 to 15% of an audience ever and we appreciate you helping make CHS possible. We’re hoping to add a dozen or so more new subscribers before the end of the month so we can put the drive promos back in the closet.

If you haven’t subscribed yet and aren’t 100% sold on the concept of pay what you can, maybe breakfast will sway you.

This week, a small cafe in London went viral for its “£20 For Boiled Egg, Tea And Toast” breakfast. Egg and Bread cafe in the north of London is a “pay what you feel” restaurant where patrons can give as little or as much as they like for their food. Breakfast is good for you and those that can pay more for a good start to their days are encouraged to do so. Egg and Bread keeps it both clever and simple. It is partly a DIY experience with an “egg boiling station” where “you pop your egg in a little holder and then lower it into the boiler.” You’ll even toast your own bread.

At CHS, we also try to keep it simple and clever though we’ll probably handle the toasting and egg boiling of daily news for you. But we, too, believe in making sure everybody has a good start to their days with news, information, and more about the neighborhoods and streets where you live. We hope you’ll consider picking up the tab — whether it is £20 or £2 — and helping us keep CHS pay what you can. Subscribe today.

Thanks for reading.

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