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Homicide suspect reported in custody after standoff at Yesler Terrace homeless encampment

A major police effort was completed without incident Wednesday afternoon with a homicide suspect taken into custody from a tent in a homeless encampment area just below Yesler Terrace.

Seattle Police and SWAT officers were reported in positions surrounding the camp area near 10th and S Washington just before 3 PM.

Police and a Bearcat armored vehicle moved into the area following reports of an armed suspect inside a large tent in the encampment, according to police radio updates.

With the area surrounded, the suspect was taken into custody without incident after being contacted by a police negotiator around 3:30 PM, according to the radio reports.

There were no reported injuries. We do not now if any weapons were recovered at the scene.

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1 year ago

10 years ago a friend who is a cop called to tell us he had arrested for murder suspect living at the Saint Mark’s tent city.

The city attorney should be providing us up-to-date statistics on how many criminals or those suspected of crimes, (particularly violent) are found in encampments and tent cities.

1 year ago

at the very least, they should check for warrants in all illegal encampments – they are trespassing as it is, so a warrant check is not unreasonable.