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Broadway’s Capitol Crest building, home to Annapurna and more, up for landmarks consideration

A long in motion Broadway development project will face an important milestone next month as the 114-year-old Capitol Crest Apartments are considered for landmarks protections with a 50-unit mixed-use apartment project looming.

Originally known as the Avon Apartments, the building today home to Annapurna and Albacha restaurants, the Ace Barber Shop, as well as 14 apartment units above would be demolished to make way for the planned mixed-use project from Champion Development. CHS reported this summer on Annapurna’s search for a new home.

The landmarks nomination (PDF) is a required step in the development process involving the old “character” building and was prepared on behalf of the developer. The city’s historical sites database describes the structure as “one of the older large buildings remaining on Broadway” but notes “it has been significantly altered” — often a death knell in the landmarks process.

The building will come before the landmarks board in its session held on Wednesday, December 18 starting at 3:30 PM in Seattle City Hall in the Boards & Commissions Room L2-80.

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6 thoughts on “Broadway’s Capitol Crest building, home to Annapurna and more, up for landmarks consideration

  1. I don’t quite get why a developer, who is planning on razing a property, first seeks landmark protection for it. Is it his/her way of controlling the process so as to ensure that a property doesn’t get landmarked?

    Can someone please explain? Thanks!

  2. I love Annapurna and Al Bacha, but this is the one of the dumpiest and least memorable (and least useful/productive) buildings on Broadway. Get rid of it and make better use of the land.

  3. I’ve observed this building having the original brick Pressure washed before the brick was painted.At that point , tuck pointing (scraping the disintegrated grout and replacing it with new grout to strengthen brick cladding) would have been optimal .
    Instead they painted over the crumbling grout which makes it more vulnerable to earthquake damage. If my observation is correct it’s kind of a mess. That’s too bad. Hate to lose that corner.

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