Design board goes back for thirds in effort to shape neighbor-friendlier Chutney’s building

The new, friendlier look of the planned gateway to 15th Ave E

The new, friendlier look of the planned gateway to 15th Ave E

Don’t get too nostalgic looking back at the year that was in Capitol Hill development in 2013 — there’s more work to do. Wednesday night, a four-story apartment project slated to replace the former Chutney’s restaurant at 15th Ave E and E Mercer will be weighed by the design review board for a third time. We wrote about the 605 15th Ave E’s ultimately failed attempt in September to vault this last step in the review process here: Gateway *and* terminus, what the 15th/Mercer Chutney’s building will look like.

Review Meeting: December 18, 6:30 pm
Seattle University
901 12th Ave
Admissions & Alumni Community Room
Review Phase: Recommendation past reviews
Project Number: 3014339 permit status | notice
Planner: Beth Hartwick

According to the report on the September meeting, developers Stream Real Estate nailed down the “terminus” element well enough but left the board wanting more for the project’s northern and western walls facing the neighborhood’s more “residential” streets. Wednesday night, the East Design Board will weigh in on whether Nicholson Kovalchick’s new friendlier setback treatment for the “gateway” walls are good enough to move forward.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.55.18 AM

6 thoughts on “Design board goes back for thirds in effort to shape neighbor-friendlier Chutney’s building

  1. Please see my comment on the click through of the drawing. The beautiful Capitol Hill I grew up in (1970s) bears little resemblance to the big-box condo haven that exists today. Not sure what the planners were thinking but it’s really not the fantastic place it once was. Very sad. The difference was startling on my latest visit and I could see cranes everywhere erecting more condos.

    Also, a four-story structure on this corner is completely out of scale for the neighborhood. Can’t believe there isn’t more resistance to this kind of thing.

  2. Capitol Hill has always been a great neighborhood, but honestly in my opinion it’s much better now. It’s much denser, more variety of restaurants, more diverse population. Might be less whites and blacks but there’s definitely more asians and Hispanics. How is this building out of context, there’s already a four story building one block west, a three story building across the street and several other three and four story buildings scattered around the area.

  3. Once again. Why? Why do the buildings all look the same?

    The claim keeps getting made . . .”neighborhood residents are just
    afraid of change”.

    Apparently the developers are as well. The building pictured for 15th Ave E
    looks like (almost) every other building being constructed.

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