CHS Pics | Punk Rock Flea Market at the Punk Rock Post Office



Never mind what you’re selling. It’s what you’re buying. Here is a look inside — and out — at this weekend’s Punk Rock Flea Market held inside the “Punk Rock Post Office” at 23rd and Union. We found pretty much everything you’d ever need for sale including Star Trek prayer candles and custom punk vests. We also encountered a disturbingly strong Donald Trump presence — though the little man seemed to have found his comeuppance thanks to a local food truck.

Even the block of the Central District the market was held on was up for grabs — or, at least, it was. “One of the last remaining large developable sites” in Seattle began its major real estate marketing push this summer. We’ve heard a rumor or two but there’s nothing to report, yet.

To keep track of what’s next for the flea market, check out Lots more pictures, below.

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3 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Punk Rock Flea Market at the Punk Rock Post Office

  1. LOVE the photo of the young man carrying the Johnny Cash poster. I take it its the photo where Johnny Cash is flipping off the camera. Awesome pic there.

  2. Hey, great photos!
    I’m the organizer of the PRFM, and I swear I don’t see 3/4 of the merchandise and people that comes through the door. Really glad to have documentation like this so I can see what I missed!