Police report: Argument over stabbing led to E Union shooting

New details have emerged about what led to a shooting on E Union early last Wednesday morning that left a trail of blood and shell casings scattered on the pavement and a 21-year-old collapsed outside a neighborhood emergency room.

According to the just released SPD report on the incident, officers were able to watch the shooting go down with security video that captured the gun violence and fighting that preceded it as two groups tussled outside Capitol Hill’s Sizzle Pie around 3:20 AM Wednesday.

According to a witness, the groups could be heard arguing and one male accused another of stabbing his friend in an incident at a Tukwila park. The video shows a fight break out with one person hitting another in the face with a glass bottle and one of the groups scrambling into a vehicle at the scene.

Police say that is when a male can be seen firing into the vehicle, “striking at least one person several times and shooting into the vehicle as it drives away.” Video shows the shot-up car speeding away with the second car in pursuit.

Minutes later, the victim’s car would arrive at 16th and John’s Kaiser Permanente urgent car facility where the 21-year-old was left. Seattle Fire units that had originally been dispatched to the E Union shooting scene, rushed to E John where they transported the victim to Harborview for treatment.

Nearby, police found the car that transported the victim and its driver who was questioned at the scene. Police say the car had bullet hole and front windshield damage as well as blood in the front passenger seat and the backseat.

Police were also looking for a red, four-door Volvo reported leaving the E Union scene.

Police say the victim was listed in stable condition at Harborview Medical Center.

Gang Unit detectives are investigating the shooting.

The E Union shooting followed at least two gunfire incidents reported around Capitol Hill over the previous weekend. Gunfire was also reported this weekend near 22nd and Union as multiple 911 callers told police about a group fighting in the street and a burst of gunfire with at least three shots fired. There were no reported injuries and no arrests.


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9 thoughts on “Police report: Argument over stabbing led to E Union shooting

  1. The one that happened this past Sunday In the street by 22nd was at least 10 shots, multiple shots at three different times during a fight.

  2. Wow. This probably wouldnt have happened if the shooter had a meaningful job and a government provided affordable apartment! I hope he is caught and the full weight of the King County courts are used to punish him. He has at least 100 hours of community service and three counseling sessions coming to him!

  3. 21st and Union is not Capitol Hill. It is the Central Area, and what some call the Central District Please stop being gentrifiers.

    • The main gunfire exchange this article is about was on Union in front of Sizzle Pie, which *is* in fact Capitol Hill. It was not about the gunfire and 21st & Union in the CD. And the commenters weren’t calling 21st & Union Capitol Hill.
      BTW, seems to me that identifying somewhere in the CD as Capitol Hill is just geographically incorrect— It isn’t “gentrifying”. Unless you’re overly sensitive about it because you’ve got some kind of inferiority complex about the CD, and you’re projecting.