Pho Huy adds new corner to mix of Capitol Hill’s four basic food groups

Coffee on every block is a given. Pizza on every block, nearly achieved. Thai has an outpost in each and every Capitol Hill neighborhood. Pho is obviously an opportunity for growth across the Hill.

Pho Huy is now open bringing steamy Vietnamese noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi, hot pot, and vermicelli to the elevation of 15th Ave at E Madison in the Broadcast Apartments building.

The restaurant from Huyen Le was originally lined up to be one of two eateries in the development — alas, neither was to be a Taco Time. A chiropractic office moved in instead. That wasn’t the only change in plans for the Broadcast building, of course.

The changes have worked out. The project that has risen above the former E Madison Taco Time location is now full of six stories of new residents and a new pho joint. Coffee is, of course, available just across the street.

In addition to helping fill in a pho blank spot on the map, Pho Huy is starting out with hours that might address any holes in your pho schedule with plans to be open starting at 9 AM.

Pho Huy’s opening knocks another off our list of Capitol Hill cafes, restaurants, bars, and axe tossing facilities to look forward to in 2019.

Pho Huy is located at 1420 E Madison.

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