From the stage at Capitol Hill’s Egyptian Theater, Ignite Seattle grows city’s conversations

Seth Zuckerman at Ignite Seattle’s May 2018 session inside The Egyptian (Image: Ignite Seattle)

Every few months, the city’s bravest souls get on stage in front of hundreds of audience members to talk about a topic of their choosing. Each speaker gets five minutes and 20 slides for 15 seconds each to talk about their greatest passions, discoveries and musings.

Ignite Seattle, which began in 2006, is the largest open submission speaking event in the Pacific Northwest. These days, it calls Capitol Hill home. Three or four times a year, a crowd gathers at the Egyptian Theater to listen to some of Seattle’s most interesting — or, at least, most talkative — people as they impart their wisdom on a crowd of nearly 600. Their next event— Ignite #37 on Thursday, October 4th — has been sold out for weeks but you can check out for information on the standby line and upcoming sessions. Tickets are typically $15. Doors open at 6:30 PM

With a home on Capitol Hill, Ignite Seattle is also branching out with new connections to strengthen its position as a cultural engine in the city.

“What role does ignite play in the community of Seattle? It’s a stage. It’s a way for people to talk about things they’re passionate about to a pretty large audience,” Zac Cohn, Ignite Seattle’s Speaker Wrangler tells CHS. Continue reading

Capitol Hill filmmakers shoot ‘lesbian supernatural thriller’ in a haunted mansion


A scene from Brides to Be

twistofpride-flyer2016Capitol Hill filmmakers Kris and Lindy Boustedt say they have always focused on telling stories about women, and their newest film takes that theme to a new level: a narrative Lindy describes as love story meets “lesbian supernatural thriller.”

Brides to Be, their third feature film, will premiere at The Egyptian on June 17 as part of the Twist of of Pride film festival. The pair premiered their first feature film on Capitol Hill in 2010 as part of SIFF.

The special festival is also the kind of event programming SIFF is hoping to feature at The Egyptian as the re-opened venue continues to serve Capitol Hill.

The pair have been co-writing and co-directing movies for 15 years. They have lived and worked on Capitol Hill ever since they moved to Seattle more than a decade ago. They says they chose Capitol Hill largely because of its film culture.

“This is the only place we ever wanted to live in Seattle,” said Lindy. “We picked this area because at that time the majority of the SIFF venues were on Capitol Hill — we’re nerds, so we were like, ‘This is where the film is!’” Continue reading

SIFF to reopen Egyptian Theatre in October

By this fall, Pike/Pine’s iconic movie theater should be back in action. The nonprofit Seattle International Film Festival announced Wednesday it would open Capitol Hill’s Egyptian Theatre for regular programming on October 1st under the new name, SIFF Cinema Egyptian.

The announcement came as SIFF continues its fundraising campaign launched in June to raise money for critical repairs to the theater. So far SIFF has raised $340,000, exceeding its $300,000 goal.

SIFF and the Egyptian share an extended back-story — the nonprofit had once owned and operated the theater and for decades the Egyptian has played host to SIFF’s massive annual film festival.

“To come full circle and have a home once again at the Egyptian means so much to me personally, and to everyone at SIFF,” said SIFF’s artistic director Carl Spence in a statement. “We are excited to reopen the SIFF Cinema Egyptian in October and look forward to being an active member of the Capitol Hill community.”

At the launch of this year’s Seattle International Film Festival, festival organizers announced they had secured a 10-year lease with Seattle Central College to occupy the 1916-built Egyptian after Landmark Theatres left the space last year.

Many hope SIFF’s Egyptian takeover will be a doubling of their successes at Queen Anne’s SIFF Cinema Uptown.  SIFF announced plans to buyout the Uptown earlier this year after occupying it for several years.