CHS Pics | Volunteer Park Picnic and a look at the design for new lily pond fencing

(Images: CHS)

Volunteer Park was an exceedingly pleasant scene Thursday night as family, friends, and lovers gathered for a picnic on the main lawn to enjoy live music and free ice cream under the summer sun. Seattle musician Lydia Ramsey sang with her band as children danced and wrestled on the grass with their parents watching from a distance.

The annual Volunteer Park Picnic included a special appearance this year. Partway through the picnic, a member of the Volunteer Park Trust went onstage to make a few announcements about upcoming projects that build upon a larger effort to renovate and reinvigorate the park alongside major reconstruction and expansion of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

One of these projects includes replacing the fence surrounding ponds near the front entrance of the museum, which have been taken over by a small flock of local ducks that have adopted them as a home and resting area to escape the summer heat. Continue reading

Cascades bring American Ultimate Disc League battle — and Portland rivalry — to Capitol Hill

Shane Worthington, 24, joined the Seattle Cascades last year having played ultimate frisbee since he was 11. He and the Cascades will bring their game to Bobby Morris Saturday. (Image: CHS)

Lots of interesting things happen at Cal Anderson but Capitol Hill’s central park may have found a new symbol of its eccentric charm by means of a professional frisbee team—the city’s very first—called the Seattle Cascades.

“The Cascades are trying to do something more than just be a team,” Xtehn Titcomb tells CHS. “We have a fan base. We have a social media following. If we play our cards right, we can continue to grow and have what I think is a really big impact on sports culture beyond just ultimate frisbee.” Continue reading

From Sun to Sol: New owner lined up for Capitol Hill’s Sun Liquor Lounge

(Image: Sun Liquor)

Sun Liquor Lounge, the Capitol Hill bar that went on sale for just under $200,000 earlier this year, might have found a new owner in Andre Sayre, a 30-year-old tech worker taking a break to find a new avenue in life.

“I enjoy the community aspect of a little place that everyone knows and loves,” he tells CHS about the planned purchase of the bar. “I wanted to do what I can to keep it around.”

There aren’t a lot of changes planned for the Summit Ave watering hole, the last vestige of Sun Liquor’s presence on Capitol Hill. Not everything from the bar was included in the deal. When the sales goes through, the old space will have a new name — Sol Liquor. Continue reading

‘Pay by plate’ will mean no more parking stickers in Seattle (and you probably still won’t be able to find a spot to park at night on Capitol Hill)

The end of the stickies

Parking on Capitol Hill should be more convenient under a new “pay by plate” system coming to Seattle that will allow people to enter their license plate number to pay for parking rather than print out a sticker and put it on their window.

“People just won’t have to walk back to their cars,” said Margo Polley, strategic advisor to the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Parking Projects/Transit & Mobility Division.

“What we’re doing is changing the pay stations on the street to mirror our pay-by-phone system.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | Africatown art project shows ‘what’s possible’ in the Central District

The Central District’s Midtown Center got a new paint job over the weekend as hundreds of volunteers came together, brushes and rollers in hand, to paint a massive mural to demonstrate what the neighborhood could look like before the property is redeveloped in 2019.

“What we’re doing is trying to make a statement in the last few months of this property, to talk about history and the potential future of the neighborhood,” said Sara Zewde, a past Africatown board member. “The future redevelopment retail should incubate small, black-owned businesses from this neighborhood and we’re going to demonstrate the potential for that in this market space.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | France vs. Uruguay on 12th Ave

Fans at Cafe Presse

World Cup drama continued Friday morning as France took on Uruguay in the first quarterfinal match of the tournament. The crowd at 12th Ave’s Cafe Presse was as partisan as you might expect. Warning: Contains spoilers!

The game was relatively tame until Uruguay’s Martin Caceres came inches away from turning a header past Hugo Lloris, but the French goalkeeper made a full-stretch save with the tip of his fingers to keep the score tied at zero. Minutes later, the tide turned in favor of the French. Continue reading

On Capitol Hill corner with interior design and excellent window shopping history, Blu Dot Seattle now open

(Image: Nick Turner for CHS)

Seattle became better furnished this week when Blu Dot, a contemporary furniture retailer and global interior lifestyle brand, opened the doors of its new Capitol Hill location.

“We like the mix of all the different things going on in Capitol Hill,” said Maurice Blanks, COO of Blu Dot and one of the Minneapolis-headquartered company’s founders. “People live in the neighborhood. People shop in the neighborhood. We love the vibe of it.” Continue reading