Eat at E Madison’s Little Uncle soon — the Franks are ready to move on

At least you will have time to say goodbye. Born at the farmer’s market and raised in the E Madison walk-up now home to Westman’s Bagels before eventually opening in the compact but space at 16th and Madison, Thai jungle curry and khao soi specialist Little Uncle is up for sale as the couple behind the business are set to take new paths.

Wiley and PK Frank say they wanted to be as transparent as possible for their small team of employees and large contingent of dedicated customers about what comes next as they search for a buyer:

After almost 9 years, we have decided to move on to do other things with our lives. PK has been enrolled in carpentry school for the past 9 months at Seattle Central’s Wood Technology program. Her interest in carpentry and construction will inevitably lead her away from the restaurant life. Wiley will pursue other food related avenues, such as perfecting french dip sandwiches, pies and parker house rolls.

“It is important to note that we currently do not have a buyer, so we will continue to be open until a buyer arises,” they write. “We just feel the need to put our decision out into the public so that you all can hear it from us.” Continue reading

Here’s why the original Sun Liquor lounge is now for sale

(Image: Sun Liquor)

Born on Capitol Hill as a lounge powered, in part, by Summit Ave doughnut cash, Sun Liquor appears poised to make a final break with its home neighborhood.

Owner Michael Klebeck has confirmed details of the listing on Craigslist advertising the bar now available at the NEW PRICE of $195,000. “Desirable Capitol Hill neighborhood location on a synergistic block with active co-tenants including Single Shot, Top Pot Donuts and Summit Public House,” the sales pitch reads. Sorry: “Business name not included in sale.” Continue reading