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Osteria La Spiga Haiti benefit not happening tonight

Just got word from La Spiga’s Pietro Borghesi that tonight’s planned benefit for Haiti is canceled but might be postponed until next week. Borghesi said not enough people RSVP’d for the $25 buffet dinner. It wasn’t clear a reservation was necessary so we’ve asked La Spiga if we can help give them a promotional boost to make the benefit happen next Wednesday night. We’ll let you know if La Spiga is up for the new date. In the meantime, if you really want to support Haiti on the Hill tonight, check out this benefit show at Chop Suey hosted by MC Grynch.

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3 thoughts on “Osteria La Spiga Haiti benefit not happening tonight

  1. We called to RSVP last week, but the person who answered the phone wouldn’t take our reservations. He said that they were just trying to gauge how many people would show up and weren’t using reservations. Because of that, I had advised a few people who were unsure if they were going to go (even though I thought that they probably would), to just show up because reservations weren’t necessary.

    I guess I should have told them to call.

  2. Yes, we got mixed messages during the day but the restaurant was clear that they were canceling in an e-mail we received this afternoon. Really sorry for any confusion around this. Did our best to sort it out and we’ve offered to help La Spiga if they want to try again with a more clear plan.

  3. According to twitter the event happened last night. I called before hand was told they weren’t taking reservations, then they called back and said the event was canceled.