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Good Friday windstorm live thread

Watch out below. Capitol Hill’s thickening spring canopy is shedding some trunks and branches this evening as wind gusts top out in the mid-40s. No accounts of power outages yet and damage has so far been limited to a few unfortunate cars. Thanks to everybody for the pictures and notes from the streets tonight — you can contact us at or text/call (206) 399-5959 with breaking news.


  • 4:30 PM – Harvard Ave E and E. Olive. Tree down on car

This young lady was the unlucky recipient of a tree falling on her car. she was humorous about the whole affair quipping she might get a free mirrior for the car, since it was cracked anyhow… gotta love capitol hill spirit!

Happened around 4:30 pm Friday at the corner of Harvard Ave E and E Olive  – right as you’d hang a left on Harvard coming up Olive in the east/right hand lane.


  • 4:32 PM — Belmont at Olive. Tree down.
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One thought on “Good Friday windstorm live thread

  1. That sucks about the tree branches and stuff that are down, but on a positive note, the girl in the first picture is really cute!