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Park(ing) Day 2010 on Capitol Hill

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It’s Park(ing) Day 2010. Here’s a map of our part of the city’s planned Park(ing) Day pop-up parks and a reminder about the Central Park fun planned for the People’s Parking Lot at Belmont and Pine. Rain or, well, less rain, the pocket parks will be setting up this morning around 9 AM — though we hear that KING 5 was making a visit to East Pine this morning before 6. CHS will be out and about to take a few pictures and meet the Park(ing) Day parkers. We’ll update this post through the day. You can learn more about the day at

Park(ing) Day 2010 — Capitol Hill

  • 6 Friends of Capitol Hill 1 Approximately 125 15th Ave E
  • 7 Schemata Workshop 2 Approximately 1720 12th Ave
  • 8 University of Washington – MUP 3 North side of E Pike St between 10th Ave and 11th Ave
  • 9 People’s Parking Lot MANY “Central Park” located in the empty lot at 500 East Pine, between Summit Ave and Belmont Ave

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3 thoughts on “Park(ing) Day 2010 on Capitol Hill

  1. Yes they were there. I heard the noise out the window and thought it was a bunch of skateboarders or drunks out to vandalize anything not breathing. But then I remembered it’s not Saturday morning. Nope. It’s KING 5 and the crew to setup the tents. I put on the TV and got to hear the live interview in time lag stereo.

  2. My husband was walking the dog and Roberta of King said “hi”. Ask the organizers to whack the weeds that are growing across the sidewalk on the NW end while they are there :-)