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Candidate Inslee talks potatoes, jobs at Broadway Farmers Market

Washington gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee wanted to meet with small farmers Sunday so, naturally, he came to Capitol Hill.

“This is where farmers blossom,” Inslee said Sunday in front of a gaggle of supporters and a few representatives of local media. “The reason I love farmers markets is they unite the rural and the urban. They unite the east and the west.”

At his side stood a familiar face from Broadway’s Sunday farmers market. Brent Olsen of Olsen Farms was on hand to voice his support of Inslee’s messages tying the market to his broader “Working Washington” theme — and to help the candidate shop for some of Olsen’s “dryland produced” Northeastern Washington potatoes.

Chris Curtis, director of the Neighborhood Farmers Alliance, said that she remembers a day when there were only 17 small farmers who participated in the city’s markets. Today, she said, there are more than 200.

“Broadway is a typical example of one of the coolest things going on in the state of Washington today which is the growth of business at farmers markets,” Inslee said.

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6 thoughts on “Candidate Inslee talks potatoes, jobs at Broadway Farmers Market

  1. my wife and i have been buying potatoes (and sometimes meats) from him for years. We always make a point to go to his stand if we go to the market.

    he is one of the nicest guys, and his potatoes are always awesome.

    btw his other stuff is great too.

  2. Inslee wants to meet with farmers so he goes to Capital Hill. Hilarious. And typical. King County still believes they’re the only county in the entire state.

  3. Inslee knows farmers…he is one. He raised his kids in the Yakima Valley and farmed alfalfa. He is fostering the union of East and West Washington by supporting farmers markets