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CHS Pics | First look inside Q, Broadway’s new nightclub

Long hallway inside, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

Enough talk. Here are the goods. Direct from the flashdrive of a frequent CHS contributor, here are images from the first weekend inside the new Capitol Hill nightclub Q as it looks to make a big splash in the Seattle dance and electronic music scene.

Were you part of the fun at Saturday’s public preview night or Sunday’s mellower debut of DJ Riz’s tea dance session?

More scenes below.

Dance floor, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


Burbon suggestions, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


Upstairs lounge, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


Friday Pre-Party, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.



Main bar, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


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11 thoughts on “CHS Pics | First look inside Q, Broadway’s new nightclub

  1. Had a great time at Q Saturday night and for sunday tea. Only complaint: the music on Sunday was a little too hard for an afternoon teadance crowd… You could kinda tell everyone WANTED to let their hair down and shake it, but the music was just a little too heavy. A little more soulful Chicago style, a little less thumping electro, and it would have been spot on.

  2. Went there Saturday night after a 40-minute wait in line for capacity. But it wasn’t THAT crowded inside.

    Bar staff is great, but it’s a little get-yourself-noticed or go thirsty as lines don’t really form for ordering. Still a nice team. Drinks were a little pricey or a little small. Take your pick. Love that they make their own infused vodka though.

    Not really my taste in music, but really liked the chic design of the whole thing. Was hoping to hear that Sunday was a true disco T-Dance as the Cuff never really picked that up from the Timberline (days gone by).

    My fear and prediction is that this bar will be going mostly straight and quickly. Far too much security around to feel like a gay bar with a token bear guarding the entry. Lots of women in their best with their horny boyfriends in tow (but I think they just wanted to dance!).

    I’ll try it a few more times though before making a final decision.

    Very curious to hear others’ thoughts both gay and straight.

  3. Loved the venue. Its beautiful! And very friendly staff. But man, that music. Hardly anyone was dancing to the droning house music. My friends and I all agreed the music wasn’t our thing. Wish they played just ONE song that people could recognize. I really hope they get a little more diverse with their music tastes. People will not pay $8 cover for music they don’t recognize and cant dance to. Oh, but those lights! AMAZING! I could just stare at the lights all night….but I’d rather be dancing…

  4. I went Saturday, loved it. Beautiful space, friendly staff. I thought the drinks were priced well considering. Although my ketel one w/ soda cost $7.14 on Saturday then an even $8 on Sunday. I guess they learned to round prices and not run out of change as they did on Saturday night (went to credit only later in the evening).

    Went back on Sunday, music was really weird. Few recognizable songs but none of what they played flowed together. Then there were weird breaks between songs, some quite long. Zero continuity with Sunday nights music.

    It would be nice if the back corner bar were quieter. Currently no place to have a conversation without yelling in your friends ear. Get a small group together and you can’t openly communicate, only one-to-one conversations.

  5. Why does everyone in Seattle insisit on hearing just top 40 music. Most cities have broader taste than this. I loved the opening night djs and was grateful not to hear the same crap i can hear at PUrr, rplace , neighbors and Cuff. Gay used to be on the cutting edge of dance music. I hope it gets like that again.

  6. Glad to see that from the above comments, that people might not return due to ‘not hearing a song they recognized’ or ‘not being into the music’. It’s that sort of system-shock that will keep Q doing it’s thing as a ‘music’ focused venue.

    The lineup’s for the weekly’s and monthly’s are shaping up nicely too with Trouble Dicso making a return, and Kevin Kauer behind the bookings. The place is set up nicely, definitely not as big as I thought it was going to be, but that’s not really a bad thing. Nice to have attentive security around and everyone at every turn was nothing but nice.

    I think Q has full potential to become an open place for the gay and straight crowd to gather, mingle, drink, and dance together. It’ll strike a good balance and we can all laugh, party, and smile together in a venue that is focused on great music on an AMAZING sound system.

    As a final sidenote: I’m glad everyone’s washing their hands. I think the main downstairs bathroom ran out of soap by 9pm. :)

  7. Indeed. I danced to the music all night on Saturday, and I enjoyed the fact that those sounds are uncommon in the Seattle club scene (or lack thereof as it were).

    I will have to say that I’m looking forward to more and more cutting edge programming coming from Q. I would gladly pay $15-20 cover to dance to bigger name talent (let’s get some overseas folks perhaps? yes?) I saw Nark mentioned Maceo Plex – that’s what I’m talkin about! Let’s get fresh house music contemporaries, soulful beatmakers and all that! Very excited that Q has partnered with Decibel to bring Dixon, Nina Kraviz and Erykah Badu – all in the first month of opening.

    You’re setting the bar high Q – let’s keep opening eyes & ears to a real club experience in Seattle!

  8. If Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, an Nuyorican Soul are too hard for you for a Sunday Tea Dance then I’m not sure what would make you happy. I thought it was the perfect Sunday blend of vocal house, disco classics, and a little unfamiliar to keep it fresh. Also props to the three dj’s that seemed to be really having a blast, and feeding off of what each other was playing.

  9. This should be one of the best music venues for upcoming DJ’s as well as some which have been playing under the radar and are the true innovators the last couple years. I listed mine (have more, yes). Dub-step suggestions?
    Q you have a great foundation: opening up when you did. Look forward to partying in your venue.

    Max Graham
    Richard Durand
    John O’Callaghan
    Gareth Emery

  10. Q definitely brought it on this weekend for a number of reasons:

    1) met the owner briefly (down-to-earth bear’sh dude) who knows his stuff;
    2) Awesome and extremely friendly staff. Their good vibes and poz attitude is a reflection of the owner;
    3) DJ Riz, Trinitron, and Space Otter were the trantastic trio on Sunday;
    4) it was sooo refreshing to have Quentin Harris as Q’s opening night act;
    5) Erykah fuckin Badu is spinning at Q on Sept. 28;
    6) Did an excellent job on hiring Kevin Kauer as their Creative Director;
    7) I could keep going but I’ll keep it calm..

    I can’t wait for their future music line ups! Q is definitely raising the bar for those thinking about openings new “dance clubs”

    And Yes!! Keep these “I hate the music blah blah blah” comments coming in. Top 40-loving gays and B-town/P-square/Eastside/”Bridge & Tunnel” str8 douches do not belong in an exquisite spot like Q. Keep your preppy-yuppy wanna-be classist, suburbian attitude out!