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Hilloween 2012 | Unruly mob of masked children march from Cal Anderson, loot Broadway

On the second day of Halloween, my true love brought to me… a few hundred children in scary costumes, a rock band, a brass band and several emptied candy bowls.

The second year of the Hilloween carnival and costume parade drew an even more robust mob of costumed kids and chaperones to the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce-backed celebration in Cal Anderson and round of early trick-or-treating along Broadway.

The community celebration was all about creating good times for little people. With Recess Monkey providing the soundtrack for dancing and the Chaotic Noise Marching Corps leading the parade, a good time was had by all. No, really. We checked. Every single person had a good time. Even you.



Future plans for the event could draw an even larger crowd with a possible push into Pike/Pine and a few more features added for the bigger kids of Capitol Hill. In the meantime, it’s interesting to note how the invasion of Broadway by a few hundred children in costumes reveals both the blessings and the curses of the current condition of the street. The sidewalks were full and bustling — but the walk along the empty stretch by the light rail construction site was a daunting path for little feet. “Where is the candy?” asked on trick-or-treater. “Keep walking,” said dad.

Also worthy of note — Capitol Hill continues to have some very creative big people. Several excellent creations were again on display. But hand-crafted or store-bought, we all know the secret is how you wear it and work it. Here’s to you, Spider Men.

More pictures from the day are below. We’ve posted even more on the CHS Facebook page. We’ll also have some more images from the weekend’s grown-up Halloween fun to prime your pump for the real deal on Wednesday. Trick-or-treat tips to come, too.

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10 years ago

The parade for kids is really evolving into something wonderful! Our guy refused to wear his costume (after adamantly announcing he had to be Superman), but was greeted with smiles and cupcakes and balloons and bags and candy! He danced to the Time Warp and ate his first (mini) candy bar. He was in heaven. I appreciate the work that went in to planning that event. Thanks for thinking about the families with kids in the Hill!

10 years ago


10 years ago

I agree! I stopped by just to check it out even though I don’t have kids, and I was really happy to see a good crowd and a good amount of fun activities for the kids. The hill is normally very R-rated, so I’m glad things like this exist to show the hill is welcoming to all types of families :)

10 years ago

Thank you for this charming commentary, adn especially the creative headline. Keep it coming. I don’t often find info to my liking or needs on this site, but these occassionally inspired moments bring me back, just to check it out.
I don’t like children, but the photos were still fantastic, esp love the pets & parents. thanks again

10 years ago

I loved it and my kids had a great time! I’m a big fan of these community – kid friendly events.

CH Mom
10 years ago

And great pictures, too!

Mrs. Mom
10 years ago

Thank you for informing Capitol Hill families and the community about the Hilloween events. Finding safe and fun events in the urban areas for families is actually not easy. I’ve lived on CH in all stages of my life and now that I have a family, it is hard to be as involved and go out as a family. It is quite surprising how many restaurants or events I cannot go to because of age limitations. Before this was not an issue so whenever family events happen on CH, it is quite the gemstone!

Thank you!

10 years ago

Wish your parents hadn’t liked children. Then again, maybe you were an accident and they didn’t have access to…

10 years ago

The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce wants to thank the really awesome sponsors who helped us make this year’s Hilloween a tremendous success. Be sure to tell them thanks if you see them too. We have BIG plans to make next year’s event even bigger and better… stay tuned!

Our Awesome Sponsors:

Sound Transit
Broadway Business Improvment Area
The Stranger
Jonathan Rose
Pagliacci Pizza
Capitol Hill Housing Foundation
Cupcake Royale
Gerding Edlen
Hunters Capital
Big Mario’s
Cal Anderson Park Alliance
Capitol Hill Block Party
Capitol Hill!!!!
Fran’s Chocolates
Girlie Press
Retrofit Home
Swedish Hospital

10 years ago

DpT2….that is an unnecessary and quite nasty comment. Please apologize.