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700+ powerless in POWHAT — UPDATE: Restored

An overnight equipment failure is to blame for leaving nearly 800 customers without power Monday morning between Pine and Olive Way on Capitol Hill. City Light estimates that service will be restored to the area by 9:15 AM. City officials warned that the return of rain after a historically long dry spell in Seattle could lead to outages as dust built up on equipment in underground electrical vaults and other components of the grid decayed in the dry conditions. For the most part, this hasn’t come to pass on the Hill despite some 4 inches of October rain. But this morning, a few of you will, indeed, be waking up in the dark.

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10 years ago

WOW, its such a powerful storm (and God’s wrath) that its taking down power lines in Seattle!! EVERYONE FREAKOUT!

10 years ago

What the hell is POWHAT?

10 years ago

I got hit by this outage (weirdly, it only took out certain circuits?) – but Comcast went out with the power and 26 hours later is still “experiencing a service interruption”… Starting to become annoying!