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Vostok Dumpling House begins march toward dumpling domination on Capitol Hill

559106_126558557530134_1199960909_nA Russian revolt powered by nostalgia for Soviet-era Ukraine and dumpling recipes from the homeland begins this weekend above the intersection of Pike and Broadway.

Vostok Dumpling House, a first-time restaurant venture from Western Ukraine-born Andrey Tokar and kitchen head Anna Motso is set to open Friday adjacent Marination Station. The union creates a bit of a global food court on the Harvard Market balcony for the hungry masses of Pike/Pine.

Buttery pelmini (Image: CHS)

Buttery pelmini (Image: CHS)

Despite CHS advertiser Marination’s success with a format of street-style food at the location, Tokar is trying to keep his expectations checked (Czech-ed?) for the first days of business with what for many will be a new category of chow. “I’d love to have a line out the door,” Tokar said. “We’re new though so my fingers are crossed.”

The flavors planned for Vostok, however, are time-tested from old Mother Russia. The menu consists of Eastern European-styled dumplings — both savory and sweet — and beer from the homeland. While Tokar’s affinity for his Soviet-era childhood is mostly based on what mom was cooking and the culture and fashion of the time, he hopes to keep prices at a more social level, also.

“We want people to be able to come here, have dinner and keep it affordable,” Tokar said.

Here’s what CHS said about the menu when we first detailed the plans for Vostok (and its eventual world dumpling domination) in March:

The Siberian pelmini dumpling are meat-filled and a hearty dish. Made with you choice of four different sauces, you’ll get a gut-challenging bowl for around $8 to $13 depending on what goodness awaits inside.

The vareniki will fill a different need — “You can put whatever you can imagine inside of them,” Tokar promises. Some will be savory like sauerkraut and potato. Others, sweet, like Grandma’s Apple Pie with spiced caramel sauce.

On the tap, expect four selections plus special bottled offerings from around the country and the globe as Tokar plans to bring in some lesser known brewers from around the country and plenty of goods from Eastern Europe.

Some local foodies are already weighing in with previews from tastings.

[mappress mapid=”62″]Hours will run 11a-9p on Monday through Thursday, and 11a-2a on Friday and Saturday.

Inside, you’ll find a view of the busy kitchen, a wall dedicated to space for local artists and photographers (let them know if you’re interested), and a few tables plus window counters with stools in the former Little Shanghai space. As weather warms, there is also the large Harvard Market patio out front. We’re not sure how a sunny patio pairs with borscht but we’re willing to give it a try.

For more information, check out Vostok Dumpling House’s Facebook page at

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6 thoughts on “Vostok Dumpling House begins march toward dumpling domination on Capitol Hill

  1. “11a-9p on Monday through Thursday, and 11a-2p on Friday and Saturday”
    Really? Only until 2pm on Fridays and Saturday?

  2. Did you mean regular Friday and Saturday hours of 11 am to 2 am then? It would be sad if they were only open for an hour today.

  3. Checked it out on Saturday, and while they still need to work out the counter situation (ordering was confusing and the counter staff need to become more familiar with the menu), but the dumplings were pretty damn good.

  4. I went there thinking they were the same as the Pel’Meni Dumpling Tzar in Fremont and Juneau, AK (SUCH great dumplings) but sadly they are not. The dumplings took a while to cook, seemed over priced for the portion size, and were soggy and flavorless (I got the potato w/garlic sauce). When I asked for the garlic sauce (thinking hey forgot it) the chief in the back apologized and then put and ice-cream sized scoop of un-melted garlic butter in the middle of the dumplings and handed it back… um, thanks?

    I love this type of comfort food, but this place is a huge disappointment. Maybe they’ll get better with time. I hope.