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Blotter | Reported sex in Capitol Hill club lands man in hospital, partner in jail

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    • Belmont burglary investigation nets wanted man carrying a lot of drugs: A man wanted on four different warrants was arrested with thousands of dollars worth of drugs after police found him camped out inside a 1700-block Belmont Ave building’s storage room last Thursday morning. As the suspect was arrested, he became concerned about his bag and insisted police collect his belongings. A search revealed a chock-full daily pill container with a cornucopia of high-value illicit substances:Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.19.46 PMThe suspect was booked on investigation of burglary and violation of drug laws as well as his four existing warrants.
    • Alleged club bathroom sex lands two in hot water with cops: A man and woman were arrested early Sunday morning after police arrived to find security on top of the man on the sidewalk outside Broadway nightclub Q.
      According to the club’s security, police say, the couple had been caught earlier in the night attempting to have sex in one of the dance spot’s unisex bathrooms. When a patron reported the couple was at it again in a second-floor bathroom, security officers said they decided to escort the couple from the club but the male suspect tried to fight back:

      The man and the woman were arrested for investigation of assault. The male suspect was taken to Harborview for treatment for facial injuries suffered during the incident.
  • Man says assaulted over jacket: The Broadway club was also the scene of a reported assault last Friday night around midnight in which a patron says he was pushed to the ground by a club security guard for breaking the club’s “no-jackets-on-floor rule” — Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.08.06 PMThere were no arrests reported in the incident at the time of the report.
  • Possibly-deserved knuckle sandwich on E Pike: Police were called to the corner of E Pike and Belmont just after closing time Sunday by a man who said he was assaulted after saying something that CHS thinks may possibly have warranted the response:Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.12.58 PM
  • Summit rock vs. knife assault: Police were called to an apartment in the 1700 block of Summit Ave just before midnight Monday to a report of a man threatening another man with a knife:Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.59.06 AMWitnesses said they saw the suspect enter the apartment building to “find a bigger knife.” Police were able to identify the suspect but had not taken him into custody at the time of the report.
  • Hate assault reported near park: A man told police he was assaulted by a group who called him “faggot” and were “expressing their discontent for the recently passed Referendum 74” in a parking lot near Cal Anderson Park Tuesday night around 10 PM, according to the SPD report on the incident. Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.28.46 PMThe victim told police he did not get a good look at his attackers and could provide no additional details about their appearance, according to the report.
  • Capitol Hill resident gets stolen bike back: This guy has the state patrol to thank for recovering his stolen ride.
  • May Day assault: The police report has been released on the incident involving a woman injured by a thrown bottle at Melrose and Pine that we reported in the midst of the May Day vandalism and protests:

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16 thoughts on “Blotter | Reported sex in Capitol Hill club lands man in hospital, partner in jail

  1. Hydroxyzine hydrochloride is not a “schedule three narcotic”. It is a prescription antihistamine similar to Benadryl. There is no evidence of potential for abuse or addiction. Other than being a prescription drug, hydroxyzine has no particular restrictions and it is definitely not regulated as a narcotic. The police need to get their facts straight.

  2. OK, maybe this is Monday morning quarterbacking…. but I think if I had just passed a group of guys loitering in a parking lot who made homophobic, threatening comments in my direction, about the LAST thing I’d do would be put my headphones on, and tune out of my surroundings….am I crazy or something?

  3. someone should have told knuckle sandwich guy god can’t see at night so drinking and smoking is ok then.

  4. You are correct about what it is. Hydroxyzine is usually prescribed for those who suffer from anxiety disorders who don’t want the hassle of taking a more addictive drug. It is a schedule three though. There are only 5 schedules with 1 being the worst. The truth about this mans case is that he had prescriptions that didn’t belong to him which is a crime… The methamphetamines didn’t exactly help his case either.

      • Ian, I don’t know where you get your information, but hydroxyzine is not a schedule 3 drug. Although it is sometimes prescribed for anxiety it is more often prescribed for allergy, since it is an antihistamine. It is a prescription drug but it is not scheduled. I know – I am a prescriber and I deal with this all day in my work. Scheduled drugs are handled very differently from non-scheduled drugs, from a prescriber/pharmacist point of view. If you have information purporting that hydroxyzine is scheduled I would love to see the reference, because it is not true.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t imagine buying hydroxyzine on the street let alone paying over 30 bucks a pill. LoL

  5. Agreeing with pshalit — hydroxyzine is an antihistamine, and it’s prescription but not scheduled, with no potential for abuse. Retails for like 40 cents per pill.

  6. If I saw five males standing around a Monte Carlo I’d go out of my way to avoid them day or night but that’s just me. Knock on wood I haven’t gotten mugged or assaulted so far. :D

  7. Knuckle sandwich guy might have deserved his comeuppance… but he didn’t deserve to get punched. Violence is not ok… even against assholes.

  8. I have not been to Q yet but it sounds as if they have some over zealous security?? I always feel like it makes a club less appealing when you have security that walks around frowning weith thier arms crossed in front of them giving dirty looks to patrons. Prefer security that blends in then they are better able to catch wrongdoing anyway like people having sex in the bathroom.

  9. I would have gone out of my way to avoid a group of 5 black males calling me a faggot, and if did walk past I sure as hell would not have placed ear phones in my ear so I could not hear them come up behind me to assault me. I see groups like that downtown on 3rd in the Pike Pine area and always get uncomfortable walking past they are always just milling around like they are just waiting to cause trouble.

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