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White walls… and a view, Macklemore reportedly buying new Capitol Hill crib

Picture 17Next week, Macklemore will be part of — of all things — a TV special about an “extreme makeover” at his future mother-in-law’s modest Florida home.

But CHS is more excited about the next time the rapper appears on MTV’s Cribs. People familiar with the situation say the global pop star with Capitol Hill roots is behind a million dollar-plus purchase of an amazing neighborhood home.

CHS isn’t going to reveal the location of the $1 million+ house and we have been unable to confirm the purchase with Macklemore’s indie management company but we do know the property deal is currently pending and moving toward a close in time for Thanksgiving. The large house with a spectacular view isn’t far from Dick’s Drive-In or Macklemore LLC’s Broadway mailbox nor the Eastlake apartment Ben Haggerty once called home. It’s his neighborhood. Last summer, his mom and dad’s old 11th Ave E home was sold for just short of a million. Meanwhile, CHS reported last week on the growing challenges for affordability in the Capitol Hill real estate market.

If the information shared with CHS is correct, it’s still possible the house being purchased won’t be the primary residence for Haggerty and fiancee Tricia Davis given the performer’s newfound fame and fortune.

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore’s award-winning The Heist album went platinum this summer and the duo are in the midst of a worldwide tour that reaches its grand finale in Seattle in December.

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

Haggerty wrote about his meteoric rise in this essay on the one-year anniversary of the album’s release. “It’s almost like I woke up one day and we were at the VMAs, tied for the most nominations with Justin Timberlake,” he writes. “I walked the red carpet with my fiancé who has been with me since I first pressed up Macklemore t-shirts, when we needed to sell at least $100 worth of merch at the show in order to pay rent or else we were fucked.”

In the same essay, Haggerty also wrote about the price of fame and his loss of privacy — something to keep in mind as we welcome the new Capitol Hill homeowner:

The zoo that Kanye speaks about is very real, and sometimes you don’t want to be the animal people are staring at.  Following.  Taking pictures of.  Standing outside of your hotel waiting for you to leave.  BUT, I understand it.  I was that person waiting outside of the venue at one point in my life.  And those people are the ones that have made this experience what it is.  I always try to remember that, have patience and show gratitude.

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8 thoughts on “White walls… and a view, Macklemore reportedly buying new Capitol Hill crib

  1. mackelmore i love you you are the best singer ever i love white walls i have that song on repeat on my ipod and my tablet im going to seattle today yay 11 2 2013 saterday I LOVE MACLEMORE

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