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Capitol Hill’s Bullitt Center recognized as ‘the most sustainable building in the world’

(Image: Bullitt Center)

(Image: Bullitt Center)

One of the most important Capitol Hill stories of 2013 was the Earth Day opening of The Bullitt Center at 15th and Madison — the greenest commercial office building in the world. The Center’s designers — The Miller Hull Partnership — are celebrating an important recognition to finish the year.

Here’s an email from The Bullitt Foundation’s Denis Hayes about the $18.5 million center’s latest accolades:

In a December 18th email, I alerted many of you that World Architecture News had selected the Bullitt Center as one of six finalists — and the only finalist from the United States — in its annual contest for the most sustainable building in the world. To be included in that elite group was, by itself, a singular honor.

Tonight I am delighted to announce that the judging has been completed and the Bullitt Center has been selected as #1 in the world!

Hearty congratulations to Miller Hull, to whom this architectural award really belongs, and to everyone on the Bullitt Center Team for bringing the MH vision to reality.


The center's spring 2013 ribbon cutting (Image: CHS)

The center’s spring 2013 ribbon cutting (Image: CHS)

You can read more about the selection here:

Built in Seattle, United States and initiated by Earth Day co-founder Denis Hayes with sustainability at the forefront of the design process from the off. The result is a design that has tackled the Living Building Challenge and come out the other side with a Net Zero Building Certification; the scheme is a shining example of sustainable building for the future. Ann Marie Aguilar of Arup Associates commented that: “This building really sets the debate about how to design buildings to be truly sustainable and make the lowest possible impact.” And we couldn’t agree more.

The Bullit Center is the first leasable market rate commercial structure that meets the targets of the Living Building Challenge to the Net Zero Energy standard, including adhering to the omission of all toxic chemicals that appear on the prohibited ‘red list’ and also ensuring ‘One hundred percent of the project’s energy needs must be supplied by on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis’. Our panel really thought it shone through as an inspiration to future projects aiming for this level of sustainability, and as Mikael put it, ‘this building really tells a story’.

Having met the entire annually targeted energy production in just seven months, the project was a clear success. The overhanging photovoltaic rooftop as well as the facade provide the energy for the entire building, supplying 230,000 kwh/year. The end result being that the overall energy usage is around 20% of that of the other buildings of its type in Seattle.

Meanwhile, as it approaches its first anniversary, the building’s backers are searching for a tenant to fill 8,000 square feet on the center’s third floor:00F0F_iNniAUfa0ix_600x450

Creative, Collaborative Space in the Urban Pike/Pine Corridor! Adjacent to Downtown, South Lake Union and Madison Park. Recruit-ability and Retention – Absolutely!

8,000 Sqft in total, can divide to 3,000 Sqft with shared resources on the floor.
$30.00/SF + NNNs

New Construction – Completely open floor plan ready to space plan for your company’s needs!

The 3rd Floor offers an exclusive southern facing 750 Sqft terrace, 13′-0″ ceiling heights through out the floor constructed from FSC certified heavy timbers, steel supports and concrete floors. Controlled entry into the Building and onto your floor, dedicated interior bicycle parking garage and showers on your floor. Adjacent to the rejuvenated McGilvra Place Park. Great mix of tenants, from groups that work in the field of sustainability or organizations that have a desire to reduce their environmental impact.

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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s Bullitt Center recognized as ‘the most sustainable building in the world’

  1. I often ponder whether the city just kind of turned it’s street and park over to the Bullitt Center to complete it’s centerpiece look. Quite a nice sort of gift. After all the hoopla I wonder who maintains the park.

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