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First look: Feed Co. Burgers opens at 24th and Union


There might be a thousand or more new neighbors likely to join the surrounding blocks over the next five or so years, but there are already plenty of people around the Central District hungry for a burger.

Feed Co., a burger joint from the Quinn’s Pub family of food and drink ventures, opened this weekend inside new construction at 24th and Union.

The expansion from Scott and Heather Staples now puts a Feed Co. burger shop in the CD and Redmond, joining their other ground beef-grounded spot Uneeda Burger in Fremont.

CHS talked with the couple behind the Staples Restaurant Group this spring about their plans for the Central District. “You’ve got Uneeda which is kind of like burger tech,” Staples told CHS last May. “You take that kind of rural roadside and give it an urban twist,” he said of the feel at Feed Co. You’ll also find a heated patio and, before it becomes the next six-story development on the block, parking in the lot across the street.

Like its first location in Redmond, Feed Co. CD features burgers, shakes, fries, and beer with a focus on high quality ingredients. “All natural, hormone and antibiotic-free beef” is the promise. The classic Feed Co. burger will run you $5 but the fancy ones range up to around $10 with the super fancy bison burger weighing in at $15. Add $2.75 for “hand cut” fries or try some deep fried veggies. Lamb, bison, and pork specials will also be on offer as will “a braised short rib sandwich or a house-made corned beef or pastrami option” from time to time.

The Staples group’s opening comes following a transition for a major part of the company’s business after its summer decision to transition 14th and Union’s Zoe from a fine dining restaurant to an events space in coordination with their other Capitol Hill venue, Sole Repair. We’ve recently seen hamburgers as the foundation of a new neighborhood spot in the Central District — Two Doors Down opened at 2332 E Madison in summer of 2015.

Feed Co’s opening just down the hill from 23rd and Union this weekend also joins a burst of investment in the neighborhood. Another resident in E Union’s newly completed The Stencil building is cafe Union Coffee from the Molly Moon’s family of food and drink entrepreneurs. Across 23rd, Squirrel Chops has added another cafe to the neighborhood. A restaurant and retail project is gearing up to open next to it. And more development is coming. Demolition and construction will come soon to the northwest corner of 23rd and Union where the gas station will be replaced by a contract rezone-boosted six-story, “market-rate apartment building” from developer Lake Union Partners.

On the southeast corner, progress in a family lawsuit appears to have cleared the way for Lennar Multifamily Communities to create a 405-unit, mixed-use project with nearly 500 parking spots. And across the street from The Stencil, plans are moving forward to create the Liberty Bank Building as a progressive affordable housing project that “that embodies the vision and values of Africatown and inclusive development” and will “develop and support Black-owned businesses.”

It’s a busy time around 23rd and Union. Grab a burger. You’ll need your energy.

Feed Co. is located at 1190 24th Ave, 11 AM to 9 PM daily. You can learn more at

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8 thoughts on “First look: Feed Co. Burgers opens at 24th and Union” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Just went for lunch! Love the Texicana burger super tasty and the Mushroom burger also very tasty. Excited for this to be here!

  2. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this opening but was sorely disappointed. The burger looked fantastic and the toppings were fine, but the beef had absolutely no flavor, it was terrible. The fries were decent, but the onion rings were soggy and flavorless as well. We both just felt gross and unsatisfied for the rest of the evening. I expected better, especially for the price. I’ll be sticking with the Twilight for my burger cravings; cheaper, better food, and a full bar.

    • not sure i understand your comment about price. for the most part, feed co’s burgers are cheaper than twilight exit. a standard burger, with fries, at feed co is $7.75 whereas twilight exit is $10.29. a cheeseburger, what twilight exit calls an “all american,” with fries is $8.75 at feed co and $11.49 at twilight exit.

      the one comparable item that i saw that was more expensive at feed co was the chili dog. if you find twilight exit the better place to get a burger for your tastes, fine (i think they are okay myself). but i think your price argument is ill-informed at best.

      also, did you speak to feed co management about your experience while you were there? i’m sure they’d appreciate your feedback if you are getting sub-par food.

    • Thanks for coming in to try us. We do love feed back and particularly now because it’s our first week. We will replace anything that isn’t right as we want you to leave satisfied!!
      Scott Staples

  3. I ate there yesterday and it was delicious! They have malts – just not on the menu. E Union really needed a burger place since CC Gourmet Burgers closed.

  4. So glad to see this area start to percolate it’s been a long time coming. And this place is right on my #2 bus route how handy.

  5. Hey Scott,

    I am super excited about your restaurant. I live a few blocks away. I noticed your menu has a vegetarian sandwich, but not a veggie burger. Perhaps I read it wrong? Any chance you will be adding a veggie burger to the menu?