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CHS Pics | A Capitol Hill fall flight

The construction-covered Seattle Asian Art Museum (Images: CHS)

East Coast transplants may have finally felt at home in Seattle this fall. With a drier than usual and mostly storm-free autumn playing out, the area’s trees have sported colorful coats for longer than usual. CHS visited the misty air above Volunteer Park Monday for a more Seattle-hued look at the colors through the prism of a foggy afternoon to say goodbye to the long stretch of mostly beautiful weather. Rain is in the forecast and pretty soon those leaves are going to be mush.

A view toward the E Madison towers and downtown

Nearby Volunteer Park, Seattle’s Reddit community recently shared a view showing off the fall colors and the completed work on St. Mark’s Cathedral. CHS reported on the $10.5 million project to complete the structure’s walls left unfinished during the Great Depression. The new limestone now shines from the northwest slope of Capitol Hill — for at least another day or so.

Take me to church! St Mark’s Cathedral this fall. from r/SeattleWA

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