Panel will discuss history and issues of race, colonialism, and war behind offensive plaque removed from Volunteer Park

(Image: CHS)

The huge stone remains blank.

Saturday, a panel at the Seattle Asian Art Museum will discuss the offensive plaque removed from Volunteer Park and the history of the wars that inspired it six decades ago in a community discussion brought together by the Volunteer Park Trust, UW’s Southeast Asia Center and the Center for Global Studies.

Volunteering for Empire: The Wars of 1898 and Seattle’s Volunteer Park
Saturday, May 7th 3:00 to 4:30 PM
Seattle Asian Art Museum and online

CHS reported on the sudden removal of the plaque last August. The large stone monument has stood in Volunteer Park since the 1950s when it was placed to honor the soldiers of the Spanish-American War but came under new scrutiny amid increased concern over anti-Asian hate during the pandemic. Continue reading

Concrete strike continues but deliveries restart for West Seattle bridge repairs — other projects like new Volunteer Park amphitheater on hold

(Image: Volunteer Park Trust)

The labor dispute between union concrete workers and Seattle area contractors continues but negotiations have helped at least one of the city’s largest projects move forward as the strike issues are worked out. Meanwhile, many public and private project across the city and Capitol Hill remain on hold while the sides work out.

Teamsters Local 174 is demanding wage hikes to buffer inflation and healthcare benefits for retired workers.

An agreement this week allowed concrete deliveries to resume as repairs on the West Seattle Bridge originally set to be completed in mid-2022 continue. Continue reading

$28,000 land deal will make you a resident of Capitol Hill — forever

From Casey’s listing

The $50,000 Capitol Hill parking spot is now down to $38,000 but you still might better spend your money on eternal Capitol Hill residency — for you and your closest friend.

Of all the things to find on Craigslist, a new listing is advertising a double plot in the coveted “Blue Zone” of Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery on the market for $28,000.

Other plots are available in the densely populated cemetery eternally home to more than 40,000 souls but finding a pair in the most popular area of the graveyard and so conveniently located is unusual. It is also being offered at a steep discount — similar sites list above $35,000, the poster claims.

The sales pitch includes this heartbreakingly beautiful closer. Continue reading

Illumination art for Ukraine to light up Seattle this weekend including Capitol Hill’s Asian Art Museum

(Image: Enlightenment)

Capitol Hill’s Seattle Asian Art Museum will join buildings around the world in a global display of light art this weekend for Ukraine.

The Enlightenment event will light up the art deco facades of the Volunteer Park museum with works from more than 35 illumination artists who have contributed animations “reflecting solidarity with the Ukrainians and oppressed people around the world.”

“The artworks created will be displayed on the facades of The Seattle Asian Art Museum and dozens of buildings in cities around the world,” the producers, Seattle-based creators of the Borealis – a festival of light events and Maxin10sity of Budapest, say. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A 25,000 investment blooms in Volunteer Park

(Image: Brooks Kolb/Volunteer Park Trust)

Thanks to the folks at the Volunteer Park Trust for sharing these images of the daffodil bloom that has filled many corners of the 48.3-acre Capitol Hill green space.

CHS reported in fall on the effort to plant 25,000 daffodil bulbs in the park in honor of longtime volunteer Doug Bayley. Bayley passed away in January. His daffodils are now putting on a show in blankets of golds and yellows. Continue reading

Slow down — Volunteer Park’s western loop reopened to drivers during construction

The western loop of Volunteer Park has been reopened to cars for the first time in more than a decade. Slow down.

Seattle Parks officials this week have cleared up confusion about the opening of the lower loop road to motor vehicles and confirmed that the use is temporary for construction and will eventually be changed back to its pedestrian and human-powered only status.

“Our goal in reopening is to make sure folks with mobility challenges have access to the park. We also want to make sure that folks who are coming throughout the city (and the region) have access to this historic regional park as well,” a parks spokesperson tells CHS. Continue reading

Man charged in Capitol Hill apartment attack and rape

A 21-year-old man has been charged with rape in a daytime attack on a woman inside her Capitol Hill apartment.

Seattle Police says officers called to the scene by the victim’s father arrived as Qyreek Singletary was assaulting the woman who had been talking to her dad on the phone at the time of the December 30th attack.

“The victim’s screams were heard by her father who immediately called 911,” the King County Prosecutor’s office writes as it charged Singletary with first degree rape and burglary. “The victim screamed and pleaded with the suspect to let her leave and instead of ceasing his criminal actions, the suspect brandished a knife and ordered the victim to be quiet before directing her to the bedroom.” Continue reading

‘Savvy survivors’ — Coyote sightings reported across a thawing Capitol Hill

Thanks to a CHS reader for the video

If you saw unusual tracks in the ice and snow across Capitol Hill over the last week, you may have been onto something.

CHS received reports Wednesday morning including video of at least one coyote on the move in the neighborhood.

Crows squawked and cars came to a careful stop in northeastern Capitol Hill as a coyote was captured on video crossing the street not far from Volunteer Park in an area where the canines have been spotted in the past making their way between greenbelts.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says it is checking with Region 4 biologists about any additional reports from the area this week. Spokesperson Chase Gunnell says, in general, coyotes are common year-round in Seattle greenbelts and parks — “whether people see them or not.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | Holiday in the Park returns

The Dickens Carolers sing Christmas carols outside an illuminated SAAM

The craft tent was a busy place

Masks can provide some unexpected comforts like keeping your face warm on a damp and chilly Seattle December night. With new ways of life becoming the norm, 2021’s holiday season in the city is a reopening, of sorts, with traditions returning. Thursday night in Volunteer Park wasn’t too far from years past as Holiday in the Park returned with its hundreds of glowing lanterns and even more seasonal cheer. The annual Volunteer Park Trust event on the stairs of the Seattle Asian Art Museum was one of many cancellations in December 2020 as the pandemic wore on. That crisis is still with us in 2021, of course, but, more and more, we’re learning to live — and sing carols — with the virus. Continue reading

Second round of 2021 Neighborhood Matching Fund grants include $25K for summer series to celebrate new (covered!) Volunteer Park Amphitheater

Construction is supposed to wrap up soon on the new amphitheater

Nearly $900,000 in grants through Seattle’s last 2021 round of Neighborhood Matching Fund awards will power new events at the Central District’s Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, a new arts showcase at Capitol Hill’s Gay City, and a performance series next summer to celebrate Volunteer Park’s new $3 million amphitheater.

“Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center is thrilled to partner with the Department of Neighborhoods to produce the first annual Emerge Arts Cohort and Showcase, a program for BIPOC LGBTQ+ performing artists that offers production support, artistic mentorship, and business and sustainability training,” Bekah Telew, director of development at Gay City said in a statement. “The City’s investment in supporting BIPOC LGBTQ artistic voices in this holistic way is directly responsive to the needs of BIPOC LGBTQ artists, who continue to be disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.”

The matching fund awards include nearly $230,000 in grants across District 3 that will help groups create several new events and the new performance series in Volunteer Park. Continue reading