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Another Capitol Hill office space project? Dibdesk coming to Broadway

Thanks to ongoing demand and key neighborhood resources like Capitol Hill Station, office space will be a Capitol Hill growth industry in 2019. CHS has learned of another work desk-related venture coming to the neighborhood, this one lined up for new construction at the corner of Broadway and Denny.

There are few public details around the Dibdesk project but the developers of the mixed-use 101 Broadway building say to stay tuned.

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City construction permits describe a new office project for the development’s E Denny face with a street front entrance and a conversion of the basement below. We’re told the venture is coworking related but that’s all we know at this point.

The building seems like a prime location for workers and desk jockeys to set up camp. There is a Starbucks already resident in the building after the E Republican location “moved” down the street to be part of the new construction. Across Broadway, the bustling Capitol Hill Station is a major transit hub and the facility is set to sprout a major mixed-use development and public plaza.

The developers of 101 Broadway said location and proximity to transit were key to their decision to purchase and develop the property formerly home to a U.S. post office. Mark Craig of Henbart, a real estate development firm owned by the family behind the Bartell’s chain, told CHS back in 2014 that the company planned to be a long-term holder of the property after development.

Early word on the Dibdesk project comes after coworking and office space giant WeWork’s announcement that it is coming to Capitol Hill in the preservation incentive-boosted Kelly Springfield development on 11th Ave. WeWork plans to be the sole tenant in the five-story building, filing the project’s 70,000 square feet or so of office space with WeWork’s brand of glossy coworking desks, and entrepreneurial and “business incubator” services.

Along with finding cafes with wifi and power outlets, coworking has long been part of the neighborhood’s pool of office space. Boylston’s Office Nomads debuted more than a decade ago, doubled in size five years later, and has now focused back down to its original footprint as the number of available desks in other buildings in the neighborhood has increased. The overhaul of the Harvard Exit to create a new home for the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle also included coworking space in the building. Check out the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance to learn more about Seattle coworking resources.

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