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Man suffers serious injuries after pinned by construction vehicle on E Pine sidewalk — UPDATE

A person using a walker suffered serious injuries after being struck and trapped by the trailer of a flatbed truck on the sidewalk in an incident Tuesday night along E Pine.

Seattle Fire and Seattle Police rushed to the scene just a block from Fire Station 25 and the East Precinct around 6 PM to the report of the work truck hauling construction equipment up on the sidewalk on the north side of E Pine just above 12th Ave.

A Seattle Fire spokesperson said the responding crew “extricated the patient” who was then transported to Harborview in serious condition. The victim was reported to be a male in his 70s.

E Pine between 12th and 13th was closed to traffic during the response and SPD investigation. The truck and flatbed trailer along with a backhoe apparently tipped from the truck during the incident could be seen up on the curb where it had collided with the building home to The Dental Shoppe and Bang Salon but appeared to have caused only minor damage to the structure.

UPDATE: Preliminary information at the scene from SPD indicates that the crew was loading an excavator onto the trailer when the flatbed crashed into the building and struck the man, leaving him significant but not life threatening injuries.

The incident happened at the location of a Metro bus stop.

The AA Asphalting truck and work equipment was in the area as crews complete a multi-month Puget Sound Energy natural gas main replacement project throughout Pike/Pine. The same project has just recently completed work to restore the neighborhood’s rainbow crosswalks that were damaged during pavement work in the area.

Because it involved a work site incident, the state’s department of labor and industries will be investigating the crash.

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4 thoughts on “Man suffers serious injuries after pinned by construction vehicle on E Pine sidewalk — UPDATE

  1. A flatbed truck contracted/operated by the gas company with that backhoe thing swung ONTO the sidewalk and hit a man waiting for a bus? Dumping the backhoe onto him?
    It wasn’t hit, just jumped the sidewalk?

  2. Was it the police or fire reporting “serious but not life-threatening injuries”? I watch police say on bodycam recordings surprisingly often that injuries are not serious, in the immediate aftermath of crashes in which pedestrians and cyclists are injured, but they are not qualified to make that assessment, are they? Fire officials can’t release that info because of privacy laws, so I’m assuming it was the cops. Further, injuries that are “merely” serious for a 30-year-old can be devastating for an older person.

  3. Metro bus stop? Was the man run over, pinned at a bus stop? Did the construction people loading the excavator use safety measures? Did they have a flagger? did they chock the wheels? Did they have permits to block bus stops, streets ect to load and unload large machinery on the street? No! because they don’t need it! Seattle lets construction do what ever they want, take what ever street, sidewalk or park they want, endanger all the lives they want! Seattle manages construction like a complicit and corrupt city!

    • This is PSE, a for-profit utility company that has pretty extensive franchise rights granted to them by the City, which makes them beholden to a different set of standards and guidelines than a normal construction company. Unfortunately, the alternate is no natural gas service.

      If you are seeing construction companies violating City laws, I’d recommend reporting them to SDCI. Most people that complain about violations never bother to report violations (there’s only so many inspectors and they are stretched thin). You’d be surprised how quickly violations get fixed when actually reported.