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Sound Transit says November Capitol Hill Station to SODO closure won’t be needed

Good news, weekend light rail riders. Sound Transit announced Monday that a planned series of three weekends of closures between Capitol Hill and SODO stations only took two to complete the work:

Crews completed work ahead of schedule on a new temporary center platform at the Pioneer Square station that will allow light rail trains operate on a single track through downtown Seattle during Connect 2020.

“As a result, a planned downtown light rail closure scheduled for the second weekend of November has been canceled,” Sound Transit writes.

CHS reported on the planned closures needed to construct a temporary center platform at Pioneer Square Station that will be used in 2020 during construction of a track junction that will allow future Blue Line trains to branch off at International District/Chinatown Station and run to the Eastside via Judkins Park Station.

In its announcement, Sound Transit reminds that in January of 2020, the project will bring even larger changes in service during the construction period as light rail will operate as two lines: Angle Lake-Pioneer Square and UW-Pioneer Square. Riders will continue beyond Pioneer Square by changing trains on a temporary center platform.

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