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CHS Pics | Capitol Hill goes quiet — Plus, you can help with CHS ‘TO GO’ and ‘STAY HOME’ lists

Monday night, CHS found a very quiet Capitol Hill. In 48 hours, the neighborhoods of Central Seattle transformed from warily busy pockets of activity to a state of battened down storefronts and handwritten signs imploring “we’re still open.” The Comet Tavern was covered in plywood and coffee shop patrons lined up one by one, spread out as much as possible, for a warm cup on yet another weird day of COVID-19.

Here is a look at what CHS found.

There is more the photographs do not show.

Many of the neighborhood’s restaurant, bar, and shop owners and employees have worked up plans to stay in business and serving during the weeks ahead as officials hope to slow the spread of the virus. Elliott Bay Book Company is filling phone and online orders. Optimism Brewing can sell you “takeout” beer over the internet. Terra Plata served up paella for its customers to take home and enjoy Monday night. Starting Tuesday, by the way, the city announced it is converting “on-street parking spaces near restaurants to temporary loading zones to facilitate curbside meal pickup.”

There are also solutions beyond consumption. 12th Ave’s Northwest Film Forum is moving the annual ByDesign Festival online. The screenings of the 20th annual edition of the film festival can be purchased by event or with a full festival pass. The festival begins Wednesday night.

We hope CHS can help you continue to be part of the neighborhood over the coming weeks. To help make it happen, like other small businesses and organizations around the Hill, we’re making a few temporary changes:

  • TO GO, STAY HOME, AND HOW TO HELP: First, the CHS Calendar has been repurposed.
    • Please add “TO GO” listings for your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops that are continuing to serve the neighborhood. We’ll also add what we find out about but your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Make sure to tag the food, drink, and shopping listings with “togo” — thanks!
    • Please add “STAY HOME” listings for events, performances, meetings happening online that people can be part of from home. Again, CHS will also add what we find out about but your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Make sure to tag the event listings with “stayhome” — thanks!
    • We are also adding “howtohelp” listings to the calendar.
    • You can also let us know about things to add by sending as many details as possible to
  • FREE ADS: CHS will provide Capitol Hill and Central Seattle local, small businesses and organizations with free ads through at least the end of April. Use our advertising setup wizard to submit your ad and we’ll waive payment and get your message live on the site. Existing small biz advertisers, CHS will add a free 45 days to your existing campaigns.
  • COMMUNITY POSTS: Have more to say? Anyone can add a CHS Community Post. Submit your article here or message us at Make sure to let us know your requested headline, tell us who we should identify as the author, and provide a good image to illustrate your post.

We are also adding a few efforts to raise funds to help those who need it. At 15th Ave E’s Liberty Bar — the neighborhood joint that boasts it has opened for business on every day of its existence — there is a Gofundme set up. But it’s not to support the bar that is now focusing on walk-up coffee and its sushi takeout business.

“We’ll use every dollar raised through this fundraiser to help meet emergency expenses and replace lost tips and wages for our staff,” the Liberty fundraiser reads. “We’ve committed to making sure that no-one who works at Liberty need go hungry or in live fear of eviction, and this is one of the ways that our community of devoted, loyal, and handsome friends can help.”

You can give here.


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21 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Capitol Hill goes quiet — Plus, you can help with CHS ‘TO GO’ and ‘STAY HOME’ lists

  1. You know, I think this is absurd. It’s not a hurricane. And people are being asked to close down businesses and stay at home to save lives.

    I thought 9/11 was the worst thing I would ever live through.
    This is bad, but it is no 9/11.

    It’s going to hurt people and the economy is going tank and America will finally have been exposed for the house of cards it is that is unsustainable.

    But let’s be really clear.
    This is not war, famine, or the Holocaust.
    Even with worldwide numbers real and projected this does not even come close to the extermination of 11 people off the face of the earth.

    People need to get a fucking grip.

    • Maybe COVID-19 is not war, famine, or the Holocaust, but it is pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Maybe other people’s illnesses and deaths mean nothing to you, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a proper grip. Have a care.

      • I have a care. I’m one of people in the population at risk of dying if I get this virus. So is my 71 year old mother. People are hoarding toilet paper and food, boarding up windows, and basically behaving like ass hats in ever possible way (some of them refusing to isolate or quarantine when those things and social distancing saves lives).

        This country is never going to get through this (we’re looking at 18 months to 24 months before a vaccine is created and we’re over the worst of this worldwide).

        People need to get a fucking grip and stop acting like it is the end of the world. IT is NOT the end of the world. It may be the end of how our society functions, people work, people get paid, what is important, and how the government from the tiniest local to the top of the federal government function in our daily lives, but it is not the end of the world.

        Have you eve met someone who survived the Holocaust after living in a concentration camp?

        Have you ever met someone who spent decades in a place where there was no food and massive die off due to disease?

        Have you ever met someone who grew up in this country put in in camp because they were Japanese? (You should have, living in Seattle there are plenty of people who grew up in internment camps.)

        Have you ever met someone whose is Native American and learned what their families have lived through and continue to live through at the hands of “white” America?

        Have you ever met someone whose family is descended from slaves?

        Maybe if you spent the time you are being asked to sit at home reading about history and real oppression you might get some perspective.

    • the projected worldwide death total is up to four million. based only on current information, that number could easily rise. thats absolutely on the level of a holocaust, famine or war.

    • xina: my mom directly survived the Holocaust as a toddler. My grandfather died young after being put in a labor camp.

      Please don’t trivialize people’s concerns around their safety.


      • I am not trivializing people’s concerns. I am asking people develop some perspective, observe and take responsibility for their behavior, and accept that we’re basically in the first week of what is going to be a very, very long adjustment in order to save lives.

        Perhaps you should talk to your mother about the Holocaust. If she tells you this is like the Holocaust, I’ll stop advocating that people behave rationally instead of like crazy people hoarding toilet paper and boarding up windows instead of taking a rational approach to how we are all going to need to work together for the next 2 years to survive the fallout (sickness, death, and economic and cultural destruction).

        I’d ask the people I knew who survived the Holocaust, but they’re all dead now. From everything I learned from them and hearing their stories and seeing the horrific photos, THIS DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE. People in this country are out of their fucking minds on both sides: they’re either behaving like its the end of days or refusing to do anything and going out and refusing to engage in social distancing. Americans are almost as bad as the toddler squatting in the WH – spoiled, self-centered, incapable of handling the truth of the matter, unwilling to behave civilly at a time when the only thing that will save our lives is being everything we are not.

  2. @Justin/CHS…..A big THANK YOU for keeping us informed on this pandemic!! There is plenty of media coverage nationally and internationally, but it’s great to have some more local information too.

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