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Farmers market not yet returning to Capitol Hill but U District and Ballard re-start sowing a few seeds of hope

Seattle’s farmers markets are taking a slow approach to reopening in the city with two locations ready to serve customers and help keep vendors in business when they return this weekend.

Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets says that is working with health experts and local officials to restart in Ballard and the University District.

If things go well, the return of the Capitol Hill farmers market on Broadway could soon follow.

 Through our partnership with Public Health Seattle King County, the City of Seattle, and our Mayor’s Office, two markets will re-open this coming weekend: the University District and Ballard. Our shared concern is for everyone’s health and safety during the COVID-19, and we need you to do your part while supporting our local farmers.

The reopenings come as chain and independent grocers have remained open through the COVID-19 restrictions. The reopened farmers markets will have similar safeguards in place and are asking shoppers to be prepared:

“We are committed to working in partnership with the city and Public Health to reopen all markets with public health at the forefront of our plans,” Jennifer Antos, executive director of the nonprofit that organizes the markets, tells CHS. “We’re not ready to speak to specific dates for other markets just yet, but will keep you posted so you can help train shoppers and the neighborhood on what to expect!”

At the start of the outbreak, CHS spoke with Antos about the importance of the markets for fresh fruit, vegetables, and local goods as well as protecting the livelihood of local farmers and providers.

In the meantime, Antos says you can also help by donating to The Good Farmer Fund to help provide resiliency grants to support market vendors.

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5 thoughts on “Farmers market not yet returning to Capitol Hill but U District and Ballard re-start sowing a few seeds of hope

    • I don’t see anyway you can maintain 6 feet in these settings and furthermore you are mixing people from rural areas and suburbs with urbanites.

      This seems a horrible idea. All these farmers should be doing direct delivery only until the virus is firmly in retreat.

      • The scientists are saying more and more that 6 ft. is not enough distance, that it is airborne, that there is a much higher rate of infection than we know, that less than 1% of the population has been tested, that asymptomatic people spread it etc. etc.. But, by all means, let’s open things up again. Where are all the people who scream about the science when it comes to climate change? We need those same people to scream about science now.

  1. Yeah I can’t remember the last weekend I went without a visit to the farmer’s market before the pandemic hit but going now seems like a fool’s bargain.

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