With the opening of Capitol Hill Station’s plaza, a new home awaits the Capitol Hill Farmers Market starting in April

The market’s team in front of the new plaza during construction (Image: Sarah Schu)

Construction fences have been removed and people can mill about and sit in the plaza above Capitol Hill Station as the area prepares for an increasingly busy world with more people returning to transit, renters going about life outside their new homes, new business tenants finally opening up, and, starting Sunday, April 18th, the Capitol Hill Farmers Market moving to its long awaited new home.

“It’s only about 422 steps from its current home, but our new site boasts a beautiful new plaza, situated across from the Capitol Hill station, and we’re a stone’s throw from Cal Anderson Park,” the Neighborhood Farmers Market Association said in announcing the milestone.

NFMA says the new market location at the Capitol Hill Station plaza will debut with an only slighted muted celebration. “While COVID-19 restrictions are certainly drizzling on our parade, our raincoats are on and there will be raffles, giveaways, and all the goodness going on during opening month, so stop by and join the celebration for a chance to win merchandise, gift cards, Farm Bucks, and more,” they promise. Continue reading

Farmers market not yet returning to Capitol Hill but U District and Ballard re-start sowing a few seeds of hope

Seattle’s farmers markets are taking a slow approach to reopening in the city with two locations ready to serve customers and help keep vendors in business when they return this weekend.

Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets says that is working with health experts and local officials to restart in Ballard and the University District.

If things go well, the return of the Capitol Hill farmers market on Broadway could soon follow. Continue reading

Health department fee hikes coming in 2015 — Market group worried small farmers will get squeezed out

The Seattle Farmers Market Association is calling for help from market shoppers to push back on a set of proposed King County Health fee increases that the group says may push away small farms and food processors:

This proposal stunned farmers market organizers who, like farmers, have been working in partnership with Public Health over the last several years to dramatically reduce violations at farmers markets, as well as Dept. staff time necessary at markets. Under the Public Health proposal, in 2015, the permit fee increase for each farmers market in King County will increase by 132%, and amounts to a more than ten-fold increase in the cost of fees paid by farmers markets just 3 years ago. Farmers and farmers markets alike are struggling to keep up with the escalating costs of doing business in King County. Continue reading

Orale Chamo, debuting at the Broadway Farmers Market, is Venezuelan and Mexican ‘remixed’

Look, authentic corn meal (Image: Orale Chamo)

Look, authentic corn meal (Image: Orale Chamo)

As you head over to the Broadway Farmers Market this Sunday, make sure to save room for Orale Chamo, a new Mexican/ Venezuelan hybrid food stand so authentic its owners tracked down the same flour they grew up with in their home countries to make their creations here in Seattle.

The three ladies behind Orale Chamo describe their cuisine as Venezuelan and Mexican arepas “remixed.” Marisa Franco, Gloria Zambrano, and Lex Mederos, longtime friends and recent Seattleites, decided to bring together two different cultures of food to create a fresh experience. The stand will operate — for now — exclusively at the Sunday market on Capitol Hill.

(Image: Orale Chamo)

(Image: Orale Chamo)

An initial struggle in the operation was finding the authentic ingredients that the women used growing up. “We wanted the same brand of flour that is actually used in Mexico and Venezuela, and because we are new to Seattle, it was hard to figure out how to find that at first,” Zambrano said.

Continue reading

Broadway Farmers Market 2013 season includes new faces (Orale Chamo), big plans (year-round market)

8636736645_ac1a0916e1_bWe’re telling you a little bit early about the April 21st start of the Broadway Farmers Market season because this might be the last time you ever have to wait.

“There is a great deal of interest in having the market go year round,” said Chris Curtis, director of the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, the non-profit that runs seven markets across the city.

There are also other efforts making the push. In addition to a small “rogue” farmers market that popped up from time to time this winter on the Hill, another group is discussing plans for a “European style street market” near Cal Anderson Park. We’ll have more on that effort, soon.Broadway Farmer's Market Opening Day

For now, Broadway’s market is slated to come to an end in December just before Christmas. “We have been asking the farmers if they want and can do year round,” Curtis says of the plans for Broadway. “The majority said they can and would like to be there.” Continue reading