Capitol Hill street notes: Melrose Promenade construction, Lake Washington Blvd closure, and bus stop work on 15th Ave E

Some Melrose upgrades like these “Poem Dazzle” community crosswalks have been in place for years while the neighborhood has waited for SDOT to begin construction on the rest of the project

Here are a few notes on street and sidewalk work around Capitol Hill:

  • This time they mean it on Melrose: Earlier this year, CHS reported on work finally ready to begin after years of community planning to give Melrose Ave a pedestrian and bike-friendly overhaul. Now that summer is nearly here and issues like the concrete workers strike have been addressed, construction really can begin on the Melrose Promenade vision. “We’re excited to start construction of the Melrose Promenade next week,” SDOT said in an update on the project sent last Friday. “Starting next week and continuing into the following weeks, we’ll be building new accessible curb ramps at E Roy St and repairing sections of the street and sidewalk on Melrose Ave between E Roy St and E Republican St.” SDOT said contractor crews were being planned to start from the north near E Roy and work south toward E Republican.
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Pikes/Pines | Stop giggling and consider the urban beaver on the shores of Lake Washington

Beavers have a way of getting under our skin. Some people despise them, others think they are panacea, and cute as a button to boot. Beliefs and feelings often intermingle inextricably with facts, which is why I believe beavers are amazing creatures, and a landowner with a flooded yard might have different thoughts. And yet, we’re all talking about the same creature.

Now you’re reading this, thinking to yourself: “There aren’t any beavers on Capitol Hill.” On top of it, certainly you are right. However, a quick trip down to the water nearby yields obvious signs of their presence, regardless of our actually seeing a beaver. Continue reading