Artful nights on Capitol Hill: Art Walk, 3rd annual Lusio lights in Volunteer Park, ANiMA in Cal Anderson

In addition to August’s second Thursday bringing this month’s Capitol Hill Art Walk to the neighborhood’s galleries, cafes, restaurants, and bars, the next couple of nights will also fill Capitol Hill’s parks with art and performance.

Thursday, check out the monthly art walk including a few friends of CHS — a full roster and map is available at Make sure to stop by the Ghost Cabin installation, echoing with the spirit of a long-gone Capitol Hill farmhouse in Chophouse Row.

Friday, you’ll be faced with an artful choice — bright lights in Volunteer Park or a “future without borders” in Cal Anderson. Continue reading

Seattle can’t afford a new First Hill park so it’s planning to spend $1M to fix up the old First Hill Park

Seattle has money set aside to buy park land in the First Hill neighborhood. The First Hill neighborhood, however, doesn’t really have any park land for sale. The solution? Move $1 million $500,000 from the Seattle Park’s acquisition funding and invest it the neighborhood’s existing central green space — First Hill Park.

UPDATE: An additional $500,000 to complete the project will come from the Swedish Medical Center public benefits package.

The Seattle City Council’s civic development committee will discuss the proposal Wednesday afternoon following years of community involvement to reshape the 0.2-acre city park adjacent Stimson-Green Mansion at Minor and University. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Athos, Porthos and Aramis — and d’Artagnan, too — in Volunteer Park

Friends share an inflatable couch while watching themes of friendship, loyalty, pride, love, and ambition in Volunteer Park

The plays were the thing this weekend in Volunteer Park as the annual Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival filled the public green space with drama, comedy, and, thanks to the hot summer temperatures, a general appreciation for more matter with less art. CHS stopped by Saturday’s Greenstage performance of The Three Musketeers. Continue reading

Final vote for 2018 Your Voice, Your Choice District 3 projects includes crossing at 14th/Aloha, Summit Ave sidewalk work

More than 130 ideas for District 3 have been narrowed to a handful in a community process CHS documented in all of its awkward glory here. Now the sometimes awkward, occasionally twisted Your Voice, Your Choice citizen budgeting process for street and park improvements is down to it final phase for the year.

Through July 16th, District 3 citizens can cast their votes for three of ten finalist projects that range from a $16,100 plan to improve the crossing at 14th and Aloha on Capitol Hill to a $90,000 proposal to repair the sidewalk on Summit Ave between Madison and Spring on First Hill. Continue reading

CHS Pics | All dogs are good dogs at fourth annual First Hill Fidos

Now in its fourth year, First Hill Fidos filled the park with furry friends and their fans Thursday night. As the doggos marked their territory in our hearts, neighbors met each other for the first time, and some new friends were made in the process.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Alex Hudson and the First Hill Improvement Association, First Hill Fidos brings a little activity to an otherwise mostly quiet First Hill Park. “It’s like that classic Seattle joke, people say hi to the dog but they won’t say hi to a person,“ Hudson tells CHS, “This is a way to break that a little bit. There’s such a community of dog people, and providing them an opportunity to get together and meet each other. Plus, it’s cute as hell.” Continue reading

Here’s why this weird little Capitol Hill park is hosting a weekly summer DJ set

PlayThey: Top row (left to right): Jasper Fox, Brian is Ze, Jazz Goldman
Bottom Row: Kara Phoebe, Neve Be, Joy Ma
Not pictured: Christian Radler

A triangular park in front of one of the most unique office buildings in the world isn’t your typical venue for summer DJ dancing. THiRST, a weekly all-ages party, is putting the unassuming McGilvra Place Park along E Madison at 15th into motion every Friday through summer.

‘THiRST is a queer/femme DJ event. I started off go-go dancing in the gay scene being kind of like the ‘hot oddity,’ in the room,” Kara Phoebe says.

After working in many different entertainment industries and watching friends barred from different venues and areas for being “too intersectional,” Phoebe was inspired to start a collective of seven queer artists with the goal of being as accessible as possible. Continue reading

Pared back plan for new Volunteer Park Amphitheater still has one crucial rainy Seattle feature: a roof

On a cold and drizzly weekend, let us think of summer days on the Volunteer Park lawn, enjoying music and maybe a cup of wine. That stage where the music is coming from? The plan to create a new amphitheater in Volunteer Park is moving steadily forward from dream to reality.

Volunteer Park Trust is continuing to look for opportunities for support for the Amphitheater Project, including applying for a Major Projects Challenge Fund grant,” the group’s Jeff Crandall tells CHS. “In doing so, we are seeking letters of support from community organizations for the project. We have been working with public officials on obtaining funding support from city and state funding sources. And in order to make the fundraising more manageable, we’ve been working with ORA Architects on a design review to seek cost savings from the original estimate.” Continue reading

Cayton Corner’s path from empty lot to Seattle park a long and winding road

The path to building a park in the City of Seattle takes years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars. So, CHS got a little excited when we saw work underway at the corner of 19th Ave and Madison. The excitement was a little premature. Cayton Corner will be a nicer open space this summer with a safer, less trip-y sidewalk but the money needed to complete the full vision for the park is still an open question.

Things are moving forward slowly in the meantime. “The new sidewalk is part of the park construction,” a Friends of Cayton Corner representative tells CHS: Continue reading

CHS Pics | ‘Vine-cutting’ at the grand opening of the Arboretum Loop Trail

The Washington Park Arboretum is said to be home to the largest botanical collection west of the Mississippi, with some 20,000 trees and plants across its 230 acres, and countless birds and rocks and things. Sunday, officials and neighbors gathered along the new Arboretum Loop Trail to celebrate the route’s grand opening with a “vine-cutting,” speeches, and lots of good dogs.

“That is the cutest dog I have seen yet today,” Sally Clark, former Seattle City Council member and the University of Washington’s director of regional and community relations, quipped as a canine in attendance for the grand opening event barked during her address. “And I have seen a lot of dogs this morning.”

The 1.2-mile trail has created a new 12-foot-wide paved path through the leafy area along Lake Washington for walkers, wheelchairs, slow bikes, and strollers and to connect to the park’s meandering trails.  $7.8 million in 520 construction mitigation funds from WSDOT powered the project. Continue reading

Rethinking the Capitol Hill Pac-Man pavement park

Kim’s picture of the Pac-man pocket park from the Capitol Hill Seattle Facebook Group

The latest discussion in the Capitol Hill Seattle Facebook Group brings together many themes familiar to readers of CHS — public space, parks and p-patches, homelessness… and dogs.

Kim posted this image of the E Olive Way at Summit at Denny Pac-Man pocket park and raises a valid issue — what use is a pocket park if nobody uses it? “I pass this sad scene every day and have never seen anything suggestive of added value going on there,” she writes. “Would make a great pea patch or dog park with a little investment.” Continue reading