Capitol Hill sushi and noodle update: Aoki shuttered on Broadway, Biang Biang coming to E Pike

Chuan will make way for Biang Biang

(Image: Aoki Sushi)

Last March, Hitoshi Nishitani was bidding goodbye to Broadway after his long tour of duty behind the counter at Aoki Sushi, a restaurant that has been part of Capitol Hill’s dining scene since 1986. Yao Huang, meanwhile, was preparing on E Pike to open his contribution to that scene, Chuan on Capitol Hill and its Szechuan menu of meaty chili pots and spicy soups.

A year later, Aoki’s new ownership appears to have shuttered the 34-year-old restaurant.

Meanwhile, with a new gigantic neighbor now resident across the street, Huang is also saying goodbye to Capitol Hill and making way for a noodle-filled new restaurant to fill the E Pike space. Continue reading

Taneda, from a member of the Seattle sushi chef ‘dream team,’ preparing to join Broadway Alley

Hideaki Taneda (Image: I Love Sushi)

Capitol Hill’s Broadway Alley has featured an eclectic mix of small restaurants and shops for decades. Its deepest reaches can be a challenging business environment but a well regarded Seattle sushi chef might just have the perfect solution for the “hole in the wall” opportunity.

Chef Hideaki Taneda is putting the final, likely exacting touches on his plans for Taneda, a new sushi bar in the back of the Broadway Alley that will adhere to traditional kaiseki style. Taneda has been the creator behind the bar at Lake Union’s I Love Sushi and is also part of the ownership behind Fremont Bowl. His career began at the age of 16 at the Miyazaki Culinary School in Japan, according to his bio, and, along with Shiro Kashiba, he was part of a Seattle Sushi “dream team” in 2011 to help raise money after the devastating Japanese earthquake. Continue reading

Gokan by Musashi, with a focus on the art of sushi, opens on E Union

A fixture inside Gokan by Musashi (Image: Agazit Afeworki)

A fixture inside Gokan by Musashi (Image: Agazit Afeworki)

By Agazit Afeworki, UW News Lab special to CHS

Private Tatami rooms bring Japanese customs to Capitol Hill (Image: Agazit Afeworki)

Private Tatami rooms bring Japanese customs to Capitol Hill (Image: Agazit Afeworki)

Rushing in, Gokan by Musashi restaurant owner Jun Park makes his rounds shaking hands with his staff, picking up phone calls and getting the music changed over the speakers. Offering some green tea, he apologizes for being late.

He was up until 5 AM the night before. But there was a good reason: He was cutting fish.

The busy owner of Musashi in Seattle and Bellevue decided to take a chance by opening a new restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Gokan debuts with a soft opening Friday night.

Gokan’s traditional and modern Japanese mix — complete with two tatami rooms — reflects Park’s passion to elevate the innovation in sushi bars. Park said he referred to his roots when building Gokan, which means “five senses” in Japanese, because he was tired of the fast-food style in his other restaurants.

“People would just eat and go,” said Park. Continue reading

Capitol Hill food+drink | With mission to offer ‘$17 rolls’ for $10, Yuzu coming to E Union

Yuzu's new home at 954 E  Union is *almost* ready to open after a few construction delays

Yuzu’s new home at 954 E Union is *almost* ready to open after a few construction delays

Over Block Party weekend, the Madison Holdings-backed Kaisho concept quietly debuted, replacing the Madison Holdings-backed Boom Noodle at 12th and Pike. It was part of the group CHS called — tongue in cheek, Eater Seattle-style — 9 of Capitol Hill’s most anticipated summer, maybe fall Asian restaurant openings… ever earlier this year. On the backside of Pike/Pine, another new player part of the Asian-flavored wave has plans cut from cloth altogether different than its 12th and Pike counterpart.

The owner will also have something in common with many of his customers.

“My rent is ridiculous!” Jun Park tells us about his partnership’s investment in a new restaurant space in the new construction at 10th Ave and E Union.

Yuzu by Musashi will bring together two longtime Seattle food and drink owners teaming up for the first time for their foray into the teeming Capitol Hill entertainment economy. Park opened Musashi’s in Factoria about two years ago in the spirit of the longtime N 45th St sushi favorite. His partner Sam Park is the proprietor behind Tig Asian Tapas Bar on 1st Ave. Their prior ventures are solid if not unspectacular components of Seattle food and drink. Jun Park says he wants Yuzu to make a bigger — but affordable — splash on Capitol Hill.

“I want to bring those $17, $18 rolls to people for $10 and $12,” Park said. “We’ll let people try more exotic fish without emptying out their wallets.”

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