CHS History | Tully’s tough times, 13th Ave murder, Woo! Girls

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



More tough times for Tully’s: 19th/Aloha cafe to close

Rule #1: No ugly buildings — Capitol Hill design guidelines up for review

Plan would turn Seattle Central property at Broadway and Pine into homeless youth facility, housing



Seattle students plan citywide anti-Trump walkout Monday — UPDATE: Destination Cal Anderson

Police search for vehicle after 13th Ave shooting

CHS Pics | Cal Anderson at center of Seattle anti-Trump protests



Charlie’s to ‘reopen’ on Broadway

Capitol Hill food+drink | Black Bottle crew opening new joint on 15th Ave E



On the streets of the Capitol Hill Arts District, ‘contemporary artists’ and the Woo! Girl creator

Red Light Vintage, Aprie leaving Broadway



Car vs. pedestrian incident that reportedly began across I-5 ends on Capitol Hill — UPDATE

A row house mini-explosion in Capitol Hill helping to transform single-family home blocks

Sawant-Conlin race nears moves through recount territory



Capitol Hill comedian and business owner found dead at his 12th Ave cafe

CHS Pics | Snowy owl makes visit to 11th Ave, has dinner — UPDATE: Rescue



Fire burns Capitol Hill’s Galerias in smoky Broadway blaze

Occupy Capitol Hill | SCCC has state lawyers looking at how to boot Occupy Seattle



Secret Service: Credit card fraud wave tied to ‘one Capitol Hill restaurant’



2013: ‘Expedited’ streetcar schedule approved

War Room to close unless it finds a buyer – UPDATE



Saturday Prop 8 protest starts in Volunteer Park

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