‘Hope in Seattle’ — Community Care Day brings a little extra help to Cal Anderson

Jimmy Berry, an attendee at Community Care Day in Cal Anderson

The 2018 Community Care Day, held at the Cal Anderson Shelter House across from Central Lutheran Church, brought community members from across Seattle to a central location Friday providing medical services, hot food, hygiene kits and vital information for anyone who needs a little extra help.

Devin Silvernail, the executive director of Be Seattle, told CHS midway through Friday’s event they had already spoken with more than 50 community members and given out all the donated blankets and sleeping bags they had on hand.

“It’s not about solving, it’s about making life easier,” Silvernail said. Continue reading

CHS Pics | All dogs are good dogs at fourth annual First Hill Fidos

Now in its fourth year, First Hill Fidos filled the park with furry friends and their fans Thursday night. As the doggos marked their territory in our hearts, neighbors met each other for the first time, and some new friends were made in the process.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Alex Hudson and the First Hill Improvement Association, First Hill Fidos brings a little activity to an otherwise mostly quiet First Hill Park. “It’s like that classic Seattle joke, people say hi to the dog but they won’t say hi to a person,“ Hudson tells CHS, “This is a way to break that a little bit. There’s such a community of dog people, and providing them an opportunity to get together and meet each other. Plus, it’s cute as hell.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Pets | Alice completing her circle in Cal Anderson

CHS met Indira (human) who was watching Alice (canine) for her friend Tess (human). Alice is a 3-month-old “mostly or completely Pomeranian.” Indira tells us it took a while to get to the park. “We were walking her down here and she can’t walk straight apparently,” she (human) said. “She’ll scuttle sideways and realize she’s sideways and walk in a big circle and start all over again.” We (human) highly recommend a walking friend like Alice.

Enjoy fuzzy buddies? Visit the neighbors Thursday night for the annual First Hill Fidos event: Continue reading

Capitol Hill Pets | Huxley — sitting — on E Madison

We met Jen and Huxley out for a walk on E Madison. Huxley is a big ol’ Bernese Mountain Dog who spends a lot of time at a shop in Fall City where they make tree houses. We did not make that last part up. But for a dog who spends so much time around tree houses, Huxley would prefer — very much — to be on the ground. “If you sit on the ground, he will sit on your lap,” Jen tells CHS about her 125-pound sitting companion. “Even when you are on the ground trying to do other stuff…” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Pets | Indiana Jones in his cat pack

Indiana Jones goes by Indy and was rescued via Paws Cat City by Tyler. A 3-year-old “deaf cat that nobody wanted,” he loves going outside but can’t go on his own. “He’s pretty terrible instinct wise, so we got this cat pack for him so we can take him out and have him see the sights,” Tyler said. “He loves it.” Having just moved to the Hill from Fremont, this was Indy’s first time out in this part of the city. Continue reading

CHS Ink | Kaylee’s hand

Kaylee, 21, was visiting Seattle from Texas for the first time and celebrated by getting a paper airplane tattooed on her right hand. “Not only is this my first time to Seattle, it’s my first time on an airplane,” she said. No stranger to an inked needle, her other hand holds a palm tattoo with the word “Mom.” Eric Eye from Dark Age Tattoo was the artist on her 22nd tattoo.

Capitol Hill Pets | Joni — the photographer’s dog — on 12th Ave

CHS caught up with Jess (human) and little Joni Mitchell (canine) on 12th Ave. Joni, a terrier mix, was fresh from a springtime grooming at Rex. Joni is a 9-year-old Texas transplant, coming along with Jess in 2010. Getting on in years, Joni’s high jumps and land speed records are lower and slower, but she has the uncanny ability to make people want to pet her, and she loves it. Currently living on Beacon Hill, Joni’s trips to Capitol Hill are a treat, literally. Joni is also my dog, the Corvette behind Joni, though, is not.

We ask photographer Alex Garland to follow marchers in the rain and do crazy things like trying to make yet another picture of yet another huge apartment building look interesting. We thought we’d ask him to do something a little more fun. Capitol Hill Pets is a semi-regular look at our furry, fuzzy, feathered, and finned friends found out and about on Capitol Hill.

CHS Ink | Isaac’s arm

CHS stopped by Witness for a good old-fashioned Old Fashioned and found Isaac Thummel behind the bar with his inked owl.

When asked whooo did it, Isaac told us it was by Ashley Waller (now in Chicago) at Super Genius Tattoo.

“Memento Mori is ‘remember death’, to me it’s remember you’re going to die, so live life while you can. In Celtic mythology Owls are the guides that take you to different spirit realms,” Isaac said.

Capitol Hill Pets | Buddy Dean the jumper on 19th Ave E

We spied Buddy Dean on the sidewalk near Rocket Taco along 19th Ave E. Buddy Dean is a seven or eight-year-old Basenji Chihuahua mix — like an “Egyptian Prairie Dog,” we’re told. BD is a transplant from NYC and has been in Seattle for about 5 years. “Buddy Dean is an amazing jumper,” his friend says. Continue reading

CHS Ink | Scotty and Betty’s arm

Scotty Cayton, aka Betty Wetter, showed CHS a little skin at Saint Johns where they work both as a drag queen and bartender. Joined by owner Michael Lee (left), Betty (right) proudly displays their matching triceratops tattoo done by Emerald City Tattoo. Betty got the ink at last year’s holiday party as a party favor:

The entire staff has a wide variety of different ones. The main reason to get it to match the owner was for Mikey. He booked me for our first viewing party for Ru Paul’s Drag Race, one of the first things we hosted years ago. He’s gotten me my trivia night on Sunday night and has been a dear friend. Now I’m working with this family of people and this tattoo means that. It’s such a simple tattoo but it means so much. It’s also a dinosaur, how cute is that?!