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Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.06.28 PMI know these types of popularity contests aren’t always reflective of anything but strong social media campaigns but, hey, my job is pretty much like the rest — more opportunities for criticism than accolades — so I’ll take it where I can get it. Thanks much to everybody who voted. You don’t get to be on a list with Felix Hernandez, Osvaldo Alonso, Sue Bird and the Tulalip Resort Casino too many times in life.

Thanks also to the Seattle Weekly for such a heartfelt description of what CHS is about — *maybe* I’ll cut it out with those Little Nickel jokes on Twitter.

Jseattle, who cranks out news on his Capitol Hill Blog at the rate of cable news channel ticker, shows us what a neighborhood blog can be. Packed with context, Justin Carder—as jseattle is known to the IRS—is straight-forward with his treatment of an area of Seattle that can get a little bit abstract and overwrought. And by virtue of the fact that he covers the most vital neighborhood in Seattle, we all benefit. From documenting the rise of milk theft at grocery stores (it’s really a thing!) to Macklemore’s video shoot at Dick’s, his reporting has a way of engaging even those of us who try to avoid the area at all costs. And it’s sheer relentlessness is something at which to marvel.

Not sure if the relentlessness refers to me — or Capitol Hill.

In the meantime, there are lots of other Capitol Hill people, businesses, organizations and places honored in this year’s Best of lists. It’s a big, busy and much-loved part of the city and I’m lucky to have a place in it.

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14 thoughts on “Thanks

    • If the definition of a politician is a liar, a do-nothing, and an incompetent hack, then McGinn richly deserves this “award.”

  1. Congrats Justin, you deserve this honor. Your news is the first thing I look at in the AM. I get the NYT’S delivered every day, but your info is most relevant for me.

  2. Yay Justin! CHS Blog is such a valuable asset for the neighborhood; I always direct new Hill residents to it, and check it multiple times a day to see what’s going on. Keep up the wonderful work, and enjoy the well-deserved accolades!

  3. Congratulations, Justin! You definitely deserve it. I’ve followed CHS even before I moved back to the Hill over a year ago.

  4. In all my global travels where sites are often times blocked I know I can always load up CHS and get the real news! Thanks Justin you Rock! P.S. thanks for responding to all my crazy texts over the years!