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CHS Pics | Upcycle, deconstruct, create! Weekend event fills Miller Community Center with reusable goods

IMG_0190Friday, architects, designers and contractors dumped off loads of unused tiles, carpet swatches and other underutilized treasures of creation for this weekend’s Zero Landfill Seattle event at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center. CHS stopped by to check out the Saturday action as early birds got the pick of the litter — or non-litter, really — at the massive recycling event.

IMG_0173The action continues Sunday at 330 19th Avenue E where you can stop by and pick up your fill for creations untold from 10 AM to 1 PM — and help keep thousands of pounds of potential waste out of the landfill.

Free Upcycle Event!
Get Something Old to Craft Something New and Totally You!!! Last year, this event coordinated by Zero Landfill Seattle helped divert 21,733 lbs of material from the waste stream via creative reuse and upcycling by artists, educators, and crafters. Come join the fun! Bring your own bag to take away your loot!

Bonus points if you use the material you get to enter the It’s My Darlin’ / Seattle Times Upcycle-Fashion Contest! 

Materials Commonly Found at ZeroLandfill:

o Carpet Tiles and Books
o Paint Decks and Laminate Chips
o Upholstery Swatches and Memos
o Vinyl and Rubber Flooring Samples
o Tile and Stone Samples
o Wallcovering Books and Memos
o Glass and Metal Samples
o Three Ring Binders, Paper Sample Books, Stock Photo Books

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4 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Upcycle, deconstruct, create! Weekend event fills Miller Community Center with reusable goods

  1. Hello Capitol Hill, We are so excited to have been a part of your community this year and are very encouraged to come back to this same location next year. We still have a lot of great materials left that we hope will find a treasured home today. Please come by! You will find resin tiles, carpet swatches, fabric reminants, tile and stone and wood samples.

  2. Hey, just a heads up. I was there from 11:00-11:15 this morning. The volunteers and customers were all outside because no one had come to open up the center. The entire time I was there, volunteers were trying unsuccessfully to reach the person on the phone who was contracted to open the center. In the end, after waiting for over two hours outside, the volunteers had decided to head home. So, that was the situation when I left.

  3. To our friends. Due to circumstances beyond our (ZeroLandfill Seattle) control this morning, we were unable to open today. We are very sorry if you were inconvenienced today. We will be back tomorrow, Monday from 9:00 am to 11 am at Miller Community Center. Thank you.