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Capitol Hill food+drink: Outer Planet creating truly micro-craft brewery on 12th Ave

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The Cal Park microhousing building

The Cal Park microhousing building

A nanobrewery beneath microhousing? Welcome to Capitol Hill!

The first time food and drink entrepreneur team behind Outer Planet Craft Brewing is making plans for a fall 2014 opening on 12th Ave inside the recently completed Cal Park microhousing development.

“We’re trying to maximize the use of the space — that’s our bottleneck,” Outer Planet co-owner Renato Martins tells CHS. He and homebrew-grown brewmaster James Stoccardo are planning to pack the puny brewery into the densely populated neighborhood. Production will focus on keeping Outer Planet’s taps flowing with on premise-produced beers. Martins says OP will start with a Blonde, a Saison, an ESB, an IPA, a Double IPA, a Belgian, and an Ale Stout ready for the first pulls. They’ll be joined by a small assemblage of “carefully selected visiting taps.”

“We’ve been researching a lot around the area,” Martins noted about their search for breweries to feature at Outer Planet.

Don’t expect more than great beer.

“We are a very small brewery and we barely have enough space to do our brewing,” a note on the Outer Planet site reads, “so we have to get creative with the food.” Martins said they’ll have some complimentary snacks and are looking at ways to bring in outside partners to add some creative food options to pare with the brew that will be “hoppy” but accessible.

“We drink just about everything,” Martins promises. “There is not one kind of beer that we don’t drink.”

Join the club, Renato.

For as much growth as Capitol Hill’s nightlife and entertainment has seen, there have been few efforts to create microbreweries in the neighborhood to join grandaddy The Elysian on E Pike. For one, the ventures usually require a great deal of expensive real estate. Optimism Brewing, the secretive venture CHS reported on in December, has begun to take shape after the couple behind the project slapped down $6.15 million for an old auto row showroom and garage at Broadway and Union. Now, Outer Planet marks the second small beer brewery project underway around the Hill.

Inspired by science fiction, Outer Planet expects to be a little Pluto — or Uranus? — to the gassy beer giants of the world.

“The Elysian? We are tiny. They’ll probably spill more beer than we’ll make,” Martins said.

Outer Planet is aiming for a fall opening at 1812 12th Ave. You can learn more at

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

This year’s event is set to take place on Tuesday, July 29th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Billed as “an evening of dining & bikes” the event encourages community members to ride their bikes to any of the 18 host locations and dine. 20% of each dinner bill will be donated to the local non-profit we select for that year. This year it is Seattle’s Outdoors for All Foundation. These 18 locations have kindly said “yes” to supporting a local non-profit and our hope is to see their restaurants full on the night of the event.


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