With some help from neighbors, Dingfelder’s celebrating two years on Capitol Hill

Hemsworth and Dingfelder in 2018

The bad news is some idiot spray painted a nonsensical, trolling hate message across the E Pine front of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen over the weekend. CHS would rather not report on the act but we also know that sunshine disinfects.

The good news is helpful neighbors painted over and covered up the hate before Stephanie Hemsworth and Vance Dingfelder had to deal with it. Continue reading

Yoga studio celebrates 20 years on Capitol Hill, in ‘feminine leadership’ style


The yoga center has been at The Greenus building since 1996

8 Limbs Yoga Center is celebrating 20 years on Capitol Hill.

Anne Phyfe Palmer opened the first 8 Limbs studio in the historic Greenus building at 500 E Pike in October 1996, and she has since expanded the business to have locations in Phinney Ridge, Westwood, and West Seattle.

“Anne has an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for yoga,” said 8 Limbs Yoga’s Ashley Dahl. “From the get-go, this model has really worked.” Dahl says 8 Limbs is collaborative and emphasizes partnership behind the scenes. “That process – I would call that a feminine leadership style.” Continue reading

Linda’s, a Pike/Pine constant, turns 20

A picture of Linda from the early 2000s hangs hangs behind the bar (Image courtesy Linda’s)

If Instagram were around in the early 1980s, Linda Derschang’s feed would be filled with pictures of her skiing in the Colorado Rockies and grabbing post-slope drinks inside log-constructed bars in small mountain towns.

Maybe it would be a neon sign, or a wooden booth, or an arrangement of stylish people sitting at the bar, but somewhere would have been the germination of the idea she would build a decade later into Linda’s Tavern. Linda’s celebrates its 20th anniversary on Capitol Hill next week.

“People say ‘of course you know it’s going to be successful.’ No I don’t. I’m not easygoing about success,” Derschang told CHS as the anniversary approaches. “I’m the person that thinks it could all close up at any moment,” she said. “I don’t know, time will tell.” Continue reading

Dick’s ‘block party’ celebrates 60 years on Broadway

Untitled, originally uploaded by Blinking Charlie.

It’s been a big summer for the Broadway Dick’s Drive-In. Thousands clogged the street in July to be part of a massive Macklemore video shoot at the legendary burger stop.

Sunday, Broadway between John and Denny will again be part of a drive-in party as Dick’s and the Spady family celebrate 60 years of business on Capitol Hill:

Dick’s Drive-In 60th Anniversary Broadway Block Party
Dick’s Drive-In is excited to announce our first ever FREE Broadway Block Party. Come out and help us celebrate our 60th Anniversary in true Capitol Hill style with:


LOCAL MUSIC: Continue reading

Happy 20th birthday to Capitol Hill’s The Cuff — Plus, a brief history

(Image: The Cuff Complex)

(Image: The Cuff Complex)

1993 was a damn sexy year on Capitol Hill. Earlier this week, we told you about the beginning of E Pike-born Babeland’s 2013 celebrations marking 20 years in business.

Saturday night, The Cuff will also be doing some business celebrating its 20 years of leather and love on 13th Ave. Continue reading