CHS History | Capitol Hill Station’s first Christmas, Tallulah’s born, dognapping

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



As plan for seven-story development takes shape, community looks to future of 23rd and Union’s Midtown Center

Youth jail protest comes to Mayor Murray’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood

Capitol Hill Station’s first Christmas



Group makes case for lidding I-5 to connect Capitol Hill to downtown with greenspace, housing

Metro will reroute the 10 to better serve Capitol Hill Station

Vulcan in evaluation agreement, eyeing Central District’s Promenade 23



#blacklivesmatter: A look at the covenants on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill dognapping has happy ending

Philadelphia Fevre closes bringing 30 years of cheesesteaks to an end in the Central District



CHS Community Post: This is what 40 years of neglect looks like… goodbye to 16th Ave E

First look: Tallulah’s is Derschang-Modern at 19th and Mercer — Plus, Hello Robin opens

Neumos partner, Sam’s Tavern owner in new deal for old Canterbury



Capitol Hill drug crimes by the numbers — Meth is the sad king, few pot busts

Rainbow Crosswalk Project — Where on Capitol Hill should the rainbow crosswalks go?

Trial ends in 2010 Capitol Hill hatchet murder as defendant ruled insane



With light rail tunnel reaching Volunteer Park, will Capitol Hill hear the Montlake Murmur?

B&O Espresso apparently sticking around for 2012



Woman robbed at gunpoint after First Hill flat tire ruse

Analog Coffee looks to keep it simple on Summit

Hill street food: The luscious allure of Leilani’s Lumpia Land

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