Design review: Is this 20th Ave townhouse project part of Seattle’s ‘missing middle’?

Just build it already. Wednesday night brings a design review for a 20th Ave project that seems like nobody really needs to review — four four-story townhouse buildings creating sixteen new homes replacing a set of two 1909-built single-family style structures that have seen better days.

But the East Design Review Board will give the projects a final once-over Wednesday:

Design review: 1711 20th Ave

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Pho Huy adds new corner to mix of Capitol Hill’s four basic food groups

Coffee on every block is a given. Pizza on every block, nearly achieved. Thai has an outpost in each and every Capitol Hill neighborhood. Pho is obviously an opportunity for growth across the Hill.

Pho Huy is now open bringing steamy Vietnamese noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi, hot pot, and vermicelli to the elevation of 15th Ave at E Madison in the Broadcast Apartments building.
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Kin Dee: 21 Thai restaurants around the Hill, but only one in the Madison Valley border zone

Depending on how you draw the lines, it’s a close race between Thai and Mexican restaurants when it comes measuring which cuisine has the largest presence around Capitol Hill. We count around 21 Thai restaurants within easy walking distance around the Hill with the recent debut of the comedy-infused Bites of Bangkok on 15th Ave E.

But there is only one joint on the border of Capitol Hill and Madison Valley where Kin Dee opened earlier this year as a new take on authentic Thai food. Popular dishes and street food are combined with a new style of presentation curated by chef Bell Wongsupalak and his wife and menu influencer Ira Saejeam. According to Saejeam, “Kin Dee means good food, good quality. In Thai, Kin means ‘eat’ and Dee means ‘good.’ It’s also easy for everyone to remember.”

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Big police response after fight with unruly bar patron at Chop suey — UPDATE

The scene on E Madison courtesy a CHS reader

SPD and emergency vehicles filled E Madison after a fight between security and an unruly patron brought multiple officers rushing to the Chop Suey music club Sunday night.

Police were called around 7:10 PM as a Chop Suey bouncer was struggling with the patron.

As the first police arrived, a second call went out over East Precinct radio for a “help the officer” incident bringing multiple police vehicles rushing to the scene.

UPDATE 11/19/2018: According to the just released SPD report on the incident, the fight involved two men who witnesses said had been drinking and acting strangely at the Diesel bar next door. After being kicked out of Diesel, one of the suspects reportedly urinated on Chop Suey’s door, sparking the confrontation with security.

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Federal funding ‘major risk’ for Madison Bus Rapid Transit

$60 million in federal funding is the biggest risk for the $120 million project planned to bring Bus Rapid Transit to Madison between 1st Ave and MLK via downtown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, and Madison Valley.

The project was one of a handful examined recently as part of City Hall’s new quarterly report on Seattle’s largest capital projects. The Seattle Department of Transportation says the much needed Federal Transit Authority grant “is a major risk.” Continue reading

Tree of Life: Sadness — and calls to action — at Seattle vigil

Mourners gathered at Seattle’s Temple De Hirsch Sinai Monday night to commemorate those lost in Pittsburgh over the weekend and build community through the tragedy.

“Tonight Pittsburgh is a town in Washington state, and the Tree of Life synagogue is a synagogue in Washington state, and the reason for that is that we have one heart over the loss of this assault on the Jewish community,” Governor Jay Inslee said. “We all share a common destiny of hoping for survival and that survival depends on eliminating the concept that there is an other.” Continue reading

First look: Whole Foods Madison Broadway

There is a new, upscale neighborhood, of sorts, at the corner of Broadway and Madison. Your new neighbors will celebrate the grand opening of their neighborhood grocery store Tuesday morning.

Whole Foods is continuing to open new stores in great locations,” Pacific Northwest regional president for the grocery chain Angela Lorenzen told CHS during a pre-opening tour of the store Monday as workers put on the finishing touches and stocked the shelves of the two-level, 40,000-square-foot supermarket.

Whole Foods Madison Broadway — diplomatically labelled so as not to play favorites with the First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods it straddles — is set to open at 9 AM 8 AM Tuesday morning with a day of giveaways, and, of course, a DJ. “There will be a line — and lots of excitement,” Lorenzen said. Continue reading

Temple De Hirsch Sinai to host Seattle Tree of Life vigil

(Image: Temple De Hirsch Sinai)

16th Ave’s Temple De Hirsch Sinai will host a community vigil Monday night to honor those who died and speak out against violence following the weekend’s shootings at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue.

The community event begins at 7 PM at the 16th Ave house of worship.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and to the entire Jewish community of Pittsburgh as they try to understand, mourn, and process this grievous attack,” organizers write.

Community Vigil for Pittsburgh

11 people were gunned down Saturday by an attacker who reportedly said he came to the Pittsburgh synagogue “to kill Jews” capping a week of radical, political and hate motivated terror across the county.

Monday night’s Seattle vigil is organized by Jewish Family Service, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and Temple De Hirsch Sinai.

Attendees are asked not to bring backpacks or large bags. All bags will be checked — please consider leaving yours at home. You can learn more about the vigil here.

Capitol Hill Ferrari and Maserati dealership creating new auto row with E Madison Alfa Romeo showroom

Madison Pub and Chop Suey are getting a new neighbor

Capitol Hill’s auto row may never truly fade away. CHS has learned that the people behind the neighborhood’s lone remaining automobile showroom now have plans to open another in a 1920-built garage just up the street.

A new Alfa Romeo Seattle showroom and sales offices have begun permitting for a project set to transform the Talbot Building neighboring Chop Suey and the Madison Pub in the 1300 block of E Madison.  Continue reading

Police investigate weekend Capitol Hill gunfire incidents

Police investigated gunfire and possible gang activity in at least two shooting incidents reported around Capitol Hill over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning just after 3 AM, police covered the area around 16th and Madison after 911 callers reported gunfire and the sound of squealing tires. Officers discovered broken glass and signs of a collision at the scene but no shells or bullet damage was immediately found in the area following the likely driveby shooting. Continue reading