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CHS Pics | 2015… the year Hilloween got wet (again)


To those that incorporated umbrellas and rain slickers into your Halloween get-ups, well played. 2015 Hilloween was a wet and wild affair. CHS roamed the streets from Broadway to the trick-or-treat hot zone around E Aloha and found a wet but still spirited contingents of ninjas, Star Wars stormtroopers, princesses, and Gore-Tex Donald Trumps. “Don’t worry,” one little Trump assured CHS. “I’m just pretending.”


2015 images by Alex Garland and Tim Durkan for CHS. A look at CHS Hilloweens past: 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

DSC_8535Whether because of the revelry or the weather, the street’s overnight weren’t the safest for automobiles. For one, SPD was pulling over drivers who somehow thought it might be OK to cruise around Broadway and Pike/Pine with “open containers” inside.

For two, traffic across Capitol Hill from Pike/Pine to 23rd Ave was monstrous — and apparently a little dangerous. CHS notes 15 separate motor vehicle collisions reported overnight across Capitol Hill proper, though none with serious injuries.

Earlier in the day, moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and guardians and friends, etc. dashed through the rain to be part of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce’s *brilliant* new format for its annual Hilloween Carnival — the carnival, this year, was held inside.


IMG_6464We’ll add more pictures to the post as they come in from the trick or treat hot zone and beyond. You can also share your pictures in comments — or drop us a line at







Annnd, here’s what we found in the trick-or-treat hot zone around 16th Ave E and E Aloha.

RealHousewivesofCapitolHill IMG_6965 IMG_6919


IMG_7327 IMG_7321 IMG_7366 IMG_7331


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5 years ago

The crowds seemed down this year. Still busy with lots of great stuff happening but not quite so crazy. Maybe because of the threat of torrential rain? Overall I liked this year more than last.