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OK, now The Redwood really is dead and gone forever from Capitol Hill

(Image: CHS)

You can finally give up on those rebirth of The Redwood hopes. Nearly two years after the never say die dive bar was finally demolished and erased from Capitol Hill, a permit just issued from the City of Seattle all but guarantees a new boozy offshoot will not rise from  the corner of Howell and Belmont

Developer Blueprint Capital has been approved for a change of plans to eliminate the mixed element of its seven-story mixed-use development rising at the corner. The new permit allows Blueprint to transition its plans for a ground floor food and drink space in the project to become two “live/work” units.

Blueprint has not responded to our inquiries about the change but with the challenging times hitting the Hill’s food and drink economy, it’s probably not a huge surprise to see the restaurant or bar space cut from the plans.

“Live/work” is also a trend seen in other area developments — often to the chagrin of neighborhood advocates — as developers attempt to meet zoning requirements for commercial space with the more flexibly leased units. The large Modera development set to open soon rising where the Bonney Watson funeral home used to stand is on recent example where pushback on planned live/work units facing Cal Anderson along Nagle failed.

The neighborhood bar infamous for inspiring nearly annual fits of sadness over its pending displacement may be gone — but The Redwood does still exist on Capitol Hill. Developed by Johnson & Carr, the four-story “small efficiency dwelling unit” building stands as “a modern and relaxed urban community” not far from 21st and E Madison.

(Image: The Redwood)


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2 years ago

A shame on so many levels – loss of Redwood + live/work is a failed program that is rarely used as required as the City has no enforcement mechanism in place and real estate agents constantly fail to tell potential residents of the requirements.

2 years ago

the redwood was never going to come back in a new building, and it never should, the redwood was a special place and would never fit that new building, or even the current neighborhood. go visit the spruce in port angeles.

everything is a dive bar if you try hard enough
everything is a dive bar if you try hard enough
2 years ago

i want to cover these new grounds in peanut shells as tribute