No need to say sorry as fashion boutique Mishu prepares to exit Broadway

Michelle Conley is at peace with the end of her storefront after seven years on Broadway. She would like the neighborhood and her customers to be at peace with the end, too.

“It’s not just one reason. It’s all the factors that Seattle is going through,” she told CHS Tuesday morning about the coming closure of the Mishu Boutique, one of the rare independent retail shops still operating on Broadway.

Mishu will shutter its Broadway doors for good by the end of February. In the meantime, everything must go. Continue reading

Ollie Quinn bringing Canadian eyewear fashion to the Pike/Pine ‘neighbourhood’

Coming soon: Ollie Quinn (Image: CHS)

Some 60,000 eyeballs — 30,000 attendees with approximately two eyeballs per person — will roll through E Pike for the 2017 Capitol Hill Block Party this July. There will be a bit of side-eye — and plenty of near and farsightedness.

Ollie Quinn, the Canadian-born provider of eyewear fashion, will join the increasingly crowded field of shops hoping to serve those many, many eyes with its new Capitol Hill boutique planned to open by the end of this month in a long-empty retail space with a clear view of the Block Party’s main stage at Pike and Broadway.

“We want it to be a space that people feel drawn to and are comfortable lingering in, which is why we have a community working space built within where community members can come to study, create or chat,” a company spokesperson tells CHS. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A spring fashion party on E Pike

With pictures and reporting by Lisa Hagen Glynn

March brings flowers to Capitol Hill — and spring fashions. Thursday night, some newly sprouted looks for the season were on display at Visette.

“This store is about women of all shapes and sizes, and anytime you want to be beautiful, you should be able to find a dress,” Visal Sam told CHS Thursday during her spring collection preview party at the E Pike store. Continue reading

Edie’s to close after 17 years as ‘Capitol Hill’s shoe store’

“Capitol Hill’s shoe store” is going out of business. After 17 years — including a classic Capitol Hill two-block move — Edie’s Shoes will close at the end of April.

Saturday, owner Erin Dolan announced her decision to close the shoe shop that has survived nearly twenty years of independent retail on both Pike and Pine. She tells CHS the decision was a personal one as much as anything about the business.

“After all this time, I think I’m just ready to move on to different things in my life,” Dolan said. “I’m ready for new things.” Continue reading

Fox + the Feather owner closes Pike/Pine boutique to open new vintage-focused Rove

For Rachel McNew owning the type of store she, and she believes the community, wants means starting fresh.

New paint, new merchandise, and a new name — Rove.

“I think Rove will be a better fit for Capitol Hill because our biggest focus is vintage,” McNew said. “It’s not just your everyday vintage. I’m trying to curate more fashion-forward pieces, which I think will do better up here as well.”

By the end of the month, McNew plans to open the new store in the former Fox + the Feather space at 1507 11th Ave. Continue reading

American Apparel closures set to leave another space on Broadway empty

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

There is about to be another empty commercial space on Broadway but this time the economic forces that are driving the closure extend well beyond Capitol Hill.

The American Apparel store at Broadway and John will be one of 110 stores across the country as well as its Los Angeles headquarters set to be shut down after the financially troubled retailer that was once valued at more than $1 billion was acquired in a bankruptcy sale earlier this month for $88 million.

“Founder Dov Charney charted a maverick path when he moved a nascent American Apparel to Los Angeles in 1997 and began manufacturing its cotton basics in the region,” the LA Times writes. “The company’s colorful garments and provocative advertising quickly caught on with young fashionistas.” But what followed was debt and, eventually, bankruptcy that left the dwindling chain unable to recover. Continue reading

Standard Goods clothing boutique opens in former Edge of the Circle space


(Image: CHS)

Ditching the corporate fashion world to open a boutique clothing shop on Capitol Hill may not seem like the obvious move for the father of a young family. But after spending years traveling in the clothing and shoe business, Jeffery Gardner said it was time to settle down with a clothing vision of his own.

Carrying the Big Lebowski sweater also has to be an edge.

After 15 years at Nordstrom and several years purchasing for major shoe companies, Gardner has set out on his own with his first store located in the former Edge of Circle Bookshop at E Pike and Boylston. Standard Goods quietly opened its doors last Friday — Gardner said he decided to worry about getting the word out afterwards.

Standard’s focus, as the name might imply, is casual and affordable fashion from American-made brands. “I really want to focus on sustainable brands, brands with a conscience,” Gardner said.

Continue reading

Visette on E Pike wants to be Capitol Hill’s first dress shop

Visette opened Sunday -- just in time for holiday parties (Image: CHS)

Visette opened Sunday — just in time for holiday parties (Image: CHS)

Visal Sam (Image: CHS)

Visal Sam (Image: CHS)

Visal Sam wanted to make fashion her life and her new boutique Visette now open on E Pike, she’s making that dream come true.

“I’ve been in the corporate world for a long time, but I always wanted to be in fashion,” she said.

Visette will exclusively sell dresses.

“I’m a woman, I don’t want trendy — I want my own style,” she said, wanting to bring that same mentality to the dresses she will sell at Visette. “It’s going to be always unique.”

With beginning prices ranging from $100 to $2,000, the dresses on show will be of limited quantity but constantly being replaced with new styles.

Sam said she had long enjoyed helping to dress her friends, both men and women. She had many stories of them having success or merely receiving compliments based on her keen eye.

“Ultimately, I would love to have a client come in and say ‘Hey, I need to look like this,’”she said. “And I would know how to dress them.” Continue reading

Likelihood ‘men’s footwear and sneaker boutique’ opens on the backside of Pike/Pine

Daniel Carlson, left, and Aaron DelGuzzo of Likelihood (Images: CHS)

Daniel Carlson, left, and Aaron DelGuzzo of Likelihood (Images: CHS)

Pike/Pine’s entertainment district continues to seep south. With last week’s opening of the Chophouse Row development — where Kurt Farm Shop and Niche Outside are open and Chop Shop Cafe and Bar, Upper Bar Ferd’nand and Amandine Bakery/Empire Espresso are coming soon — and the Central Agency Building — with the new Lark (and friends) as well as Canadian sandwich import Meat and Bread — the blocks between Pike and Madison are moving into a whole new phase of gentrification where dilapidated apartment buildings, old garages used as art and music studios, and parking lots are giving way to ambitious mixed-use projects.

In the middle of all this comes Likelihood, a “men’s footwear and sneaker boutique” in the new Viva building at 11th and Union. Not that long ago, this was the home of the notorious Undre Arms apartments. Thursday night, the newly opened shop neighboring Inès Pâtisserie hosted a launch party for the Spring 2015 Maiden Noir Buddy Slipper Sneaker.IMG_6734 Continue reading

Revival fashions vintage opportunity from tiny store above Broadway

Busacca (Images: CHS)

Busacca (Images: CHS)

DSC_8756As Red Light Vintage prepares for one last liquidation sale on Broadway before leaving its space and making way for Lifelong Thrift, another source of recycled fashion and style is settling into Capitol Hill. Nestled atop Jai Thai on the western corner of Thomas and Broadway is Revival, a “one-stop-shop” boutique offering to buy, sell, and trade an array of items such as clothes, furniture, home accessories, and and jewelry.

Though the shop has been on the block for around half a year already, it still is somewhat of a “secret spot,” due to its above-street-level location, according to co-owner and San Francisco transplant Ashley Busacca.

“People are like ‘I live across the street and I had no idea you were here, when did you open?’ I’m like ‘six months ago!’” Continue reading