911 | Overnight Seattle gun violence includes one shot in chest, Central District driveby

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  • Shootings and CD driveby: A ripple of gun violence that has hit Seattle included another reported driveby incident late Monday night in the Central District. There were no reported injuries in the 10:45 PM round of gunfire reported around the 100 block MLK Way but one victim was taken to the hospital in an earlier shooting that took place in South Seattle and included a shot up car being abandoned along I-5 on the way to the hospital. Police say the male victim remains hospitalized at Harborview after being shot in the chest. According to police, the South Seattle shooting happened around 10 PM near S Weller and involved a vehicle speeding from the scene carrying a person shot in the exchange. That car with a shot out window was reportedly ditched near the Dearborn I-5 onramp where the victim was loaded into another vehicle before being dropped at nearby Harborview. Police say the vehicle that carried the victim sped away and was able to elude officers in pursuit. About 45 minutes later, police responded to multiple calls reporting shots fired near MLK in the Central District. There were no injuries and a vehicle believed to have been hit in the gunfire turned out to have been hit in a previous shooting its owner told police, according to East Precinct radio dispatches.
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Police search for vehicles after gunfire and path of Capitol Hill traffic circle and mailbox destruction

Police investigated reports of gunfire and two cars racing through the streets of Capitol Hill Thursday night.

There were no reported injuries but a traffic circle near 16th and Harrison was wiped out, according to a CHS reader who witnessed the chase:

we just saw the craziest thing: two cars racing at high speed here in 16th and Harrison, one of the cars couldn’t stop and drove/jumped right throw the roundabout between the trees! We are still in shock, and this was like 20 minutes ago.

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E Yesler gunfire locks down Douglass-Truth library

An afternoon bout of gunfire involving at least one vehicle sent people diving for cover Tuesday in front of the Central District’s Douglass-Truth library branch. There were on reported injuries.

Police were called to the area near 24th and Yesler around 1:40 PM to a report of shots fired, at least one vehicle leaving the scene, and others apparently involved in the gunfire fleeing on foot, according to East Precinct radio updates. Arriving officers found spent shell casings in the street but there were no reports of significant damage or injuries. No immediate arrests were reported. Continue reading

Police investigate 18th/Pike gunfire

Police found a single shell casing but no injuries and no damage after gunfire near 18th and Pike Monday night. Meanwhile, statistics show that the city’s early year gun violence has been confined to areas outside the Central District and Capitol HIll.

Police were called to the 1500 block of 18th Ave around 10:30 PM to a report of a male who fired a single shot and fled the scene. Arriving officers found no victims and no damage but did locate a spent casing at the scene.

There were no arrests during a search of the area but one person was detained before being released.

Overall, reports of shots fired incidents were higher in the first weeks of 2020 compared to the same period last year but, according to the latest Seattle Police statistics (PDF), the East Precinct covering the Central District and Capitol Hill has been mostly free of gun violence with only three of the city’s 35 reported incidents.

Overnight shooting near 26th and Yesler sends one to hospital

Another late-October shooting incident sent one man to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries early Friday morning.

Police were called to a residence in the 100 block of 26th Ave S near E Yesler just after 2:30 AM to the report of a person shot. Arriving officers located the victim inside a nearby house and found shell casings near the shooting scene outside the residence. Continue reading

The Baltic Room’s new owners say taking shooting response ‘very seriously’

(Image: The Baltic Room)

Charges haven’t yet been filed against the shooter but the club’s new owners say they are taking action after last weekend’s early morning shooting outside Capitol Hill nightclub The Baltic Room.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and strive to provide an enjoyable experience while maintaining safety of all patrons, employees, and neighbors,” Rachel Keith told CHS in a statement about last Saturday’s 2 AM shooting that sent two to the hospital. Keith said the club has hired “a few more security guards,” and implemented an earlier last call time.

Keith tells CHS the Baltic was clearing out for the night “when a fight between a few people began in the middle of the street up past Woody’s.” Continue reading

About that early Saturday morning gunfire you heard on Capitol Hill… — UPDATE

If there is truly a staffing issue at Seattle Police and in the East Precinct, it wasn’t evident early Saturday morning after a bout of nighttime gunfire drew a small army of officers and ended with at least four people cuffed and in custody.

Five or so gunshots reportedly rang out across Pike/Pine just before 3 AM from the area near the Harvard Market parking lot. Police had already been responding to a large fight disturbance in the Broadway Mud Bay parking lot when East Precinct radio dispatches reported the firearm activity nearby. Continue reading

With recommendations from the city and Seattle Police, these Central District neighbors are battling gun violence with a mural and a food truck

Following a deadly shooting at the corner earlier this year, neighbors decided it was time to do more than emphasis patrols and increased policing. Some pundits made fun of a push for better environmental design as part of the answer to gun violence in the Central District. But neighbors are pushing forward. After welcoming the El Costeno food truck, the former Shell gas station parking lot on the corner of Union and 21st is becoming home to a new community mural as part of efforts to make the corner safer for everybody.

“Although it’s not written explicitly, my mural will make the statement that people who live here care about their neighborhood and are making efforts to maintain it,” said Gabrielle Abbott, the artist commissioned for the mural. “The artwork occupies the space so people don’t feel like it’s a space they can use for illegal or unwanted activities.”

Efforts to improve the corner are a result of surrounding area residents’ concerns of illegal activity after multiple instances of gun violence and the deadly shooting. Healthy Youth Central Area Network (HYCAN), a Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative supported by Seattle Public Schools, joined efforts to make positive use of the corner by supporting the mural project. The organization aims to support a community mural on a yearly basis. Continue reading

After deadly shooting at 21st and Union, where did SPD find a cache of military-style rifles and ammo in gang gun violence investigation? Two blocks away

One of the firearms seized from a Central District apartment building (Image: SPD)

As scads of city officials toured the area around recent scenes of Central District gun violence Wednesday and are considering approaches including simpler, faster solutions like Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design features, another factor in the ongoing violence has emerged.

Many of the powerful firearms swept up by Seattle Police, FBI, and ATF agents around Seattle in the weeks following a deadly shooting at 21st and Union were found in an apartment only blocks from where the deadly May 10th gang shootout went down.

East Precinct commander Capt. Bryan Grenon told the African American Advisory Council community meeting last week that some of the military style rifles and ammunition recovered by police was found in a nearby apartment building just blocks from where the deadly shooting occurred, a person who attended the meeting told CHS.

Among the weapons seized were two AK-47 style assault rifles, an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, and a large amount of ammunition. Continue reading

Business reps call for support at Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce’s summer safety meeting

The wave of shootings across the Central District that have left a 19-year-old dead and others wounded gained its terrible strength in a shooting weeks ago in March in Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson where 21-year-old Hakeem Salahud-din was gunned down next to the park’s basketball court.

Police, Mayor Jenny Durkan, and City Council representative Kshama Sawant have focused much of their efforts in the Central District to stem the violence. But gun violence incidents on Broadway and in Pike/Pine, and fears of an increase in street disorder as summer approaches also have the neighborhood’s business community concerned.

Seattle Police Department and mayor’s office representatives spoke earlier this month with Capitol Hill business representatives to discuss crime and street disorder throughout Pike/Pine and along Broadway as summer quickly approaches.

The event, hosted by the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce at Elliott Bay Book Company and moderated by the chamber’s head and District 3 candidate Egan Orion, looked to give locals an opportunity to air grievances and priorities as well as allow the city to give an update on the state of crime in the neighborhood.

SPD East Precinct commander Capt. Bryan Grenon said that in the area there has been a 4-5% reduction in crime overall as of the beginning of the month but crime statistics are ripe for abuse in a community forum. You can look at the latest SPD stats for the East Precinct covering Capitol Hill here on the CHS Crime Dashboard. Beyond the statistics, there has been a spike in violent crime with eleven shootings in 30 days taking place across Capitol Hill and the Central District.

The first area of emphasis in the meeting was the reasoning for a lack of SPD emphasis patrol in Capitol Hill given high crime levels in the area as the Mayor’s office chose seven other neighborhoods instead. Sabrina Bolieu, business liaison for Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office, explained, saying that they were looking for areas with increases in person-on-person crime and Capitol Hill has simply sustained its crime level. Continue reading