Now that we have a doggie bar lined up, check out the Capitol Hill plans for a cat cafe

(Image: Seattle Meowtropolitan)

(Image: Seattle Meowtropolitan)

10151787_549796821816308_7131859603313253472_nAs prophesied, Capitol Hill’s first dog bar will likely be followed by Capitol Hill’s first cat cafe:

Matt Lai (official title, according to his email signature, is “Cool Cat”) says cat cafe plans are moving along, but still nascent. He and his two partners are about to launch a round of crowdfunding, which will help determine minor details like the location and the space. Still they’re hoping to be open by mid-2015, preferably somewhere on Capitol Hill.

Nascent, crazy cat lady, so just settle down. There’s not even a Kickstarter yet. But there are cafe designs, logos and even merch on the Seattle Meowtropolitan Facebook page. We’ll keep you posted on any signs this project moves beyond fantasy stage — though with several of the city’s best journalists already on the case, we might not be the ones to break this story. We are, however, hoping it moves in next to Purr.

Capitol Hill is undead — Gathering to remember long-gone goth hangout Aurafice


Aurafice in 2006 (Image: Joe Mabel)

Seattle in Memory, a project from a long ago CHS contributor, will host a Day of the Dead gathering Saturday night to remember the dearly departed “goth coffee shop” Aurafice:

A vigil for our beloved goth coffee shop. On the Day of the Dead, before you party, remember our long lost cafe. We encourage you to bring your memories to share, and any mementos you’d like to leave in tribute.

Portland-based Stumptown took over the former Aurafice space in 2007.

Saturday’s planned gathering starts at 8 PM. Wear black.


Likely a few Pike/Pine phones in the pile as SPD raid of South Seattle convenience store turns up trove of stolen items

(Image: SPD)

(Image: SPD)

As one major Capitol Hill theft case comes to a close after years of investigation and legal proceedings, SPD also announced a smaller bust that might also connect with criminal activity in Pike/Pine.

Thursday, detectives raided a South Seattle convenience store and seized “boxes and boxes of suspected stolen cellphones, laptops and cameras”

Along with the more than 250 smartphones and hundreds of cameras, computers, watches and instruments found in the store – a number of which Robbery Detectives have already tied to crimes in Rainier Beach – detectives also found $13,000 in cash, boxes of untaxed cigarettes illegally imported from Vietnam, and cabinets filled with bags of Khat (a plant leaf stimulant classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule-1 controlled substance).

Detectives believe the items are connected to a surge of robberies in South Seattle this summer. But it’s also likely that items ripped off around the city made its way to the store. Continue reading

Capitol Hill man pleads guilty to trafficking stolen property out of 12th Ave home


During the 2012 raid of the Darling home, police found stolen property and methamphetamine (Image: CHS)

A Capitol Hill man has pleaded guilty to trafficking a stolen bike and possessing stolen computer equipment at his 12th and Mercer home where, in a late night raid two years ago, police confiscated a trailer truck full of allegedly stolen property.

Last week, Rabindranath Darling pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking stolen property, one count of possession of stolen property, and one count of possession of methamphetamine.Darling statement

During the 2012 raid, police also said they discovered 18 grams of methamphetamine inside the Darling home.

As a front for his illicit business, investigators said Darling was running a home-based computer repair shop.

Earlier this year, some of the items seized in the 2012 raid began trickling back to their original owners — many living around Capitol Hill and neighboring areas — as detectives wrapped up the case and began notifying victims. Continue reading

Schools says no to Garfield High push to reverse decision to cut teacher

(Image: Garfield HS PTSA via Facebook)

(Image: Garfield HS PTSA via Facebook)

An afternoon walkout and surprisingly intense media coverage did nothing to sway Seattle Public Schools from its calculation that Garfield High School needs to drop a teacher midyear given the 23rd Ave school’s 2014/2015 enrollment numbers.

Monday afternoon, the district notified the school’s “community” that it was done reviewing its decision on the “state-mandated” enrollment adjustment:

After a review of the official state-mandated October 1 enrollment count, the district maintains its recommendation to shift the funding for one teacher from Garfield’s budget allocation to a school that is overenrolled. Continue reading

WANTED: SPD needs your help nailing Broadway sex toy bandit

Screen-Shot-2014-10-23-at-10.31.31-AM-141x300 (1)More than a month after his devious act, SPD detectives remain hot on the tail of the Broadway sex toy bandit — and are looking for your help putting the man behind the crime in a pair of non-GGG handcuffs. SPD posted this picture Monday of the thief they say stole more than $400 worth of stockings, lubricants and other personal items in a late September heist at Broadway sex emporium Castle Megastore:

SPD detectives are still in search of a man who fled a Capitol Hill adult emporium last month with $400 worth of stockings, lubricants and other personal items, and now police need your help identifying him. Detectives have a pic of the bawdy bandit, but don’t yet know his name. If you do, please call our detectives in the East Precinct Burglary/Theft Unit at (206) 684-5733.

CHS reported details of the heist here:

Just before 10:20 PM Saturday, SPD units were called to Broadway’s Castle Megastore after a man reportedly ran from the retailer carrying an armload of expensive sex toys. The man was last seen jumping into his white Chevy parked at the curb in front of the store and speeding off northbound with employees in pursuit.


Capitol Hill’s Up Dog Toys has designs on making big play in pet accessory market

Moy and Odin with The Odin (Image: CHS)

Moy and Odin with The Odin (Image: CHS)

As the 12th/Pike dog bar doesn’t exist yet, the entrepreneurial ideas behind Capitol Hill resident Michelle Moy’s start-up Up Dog Toys sprung, instead, from a talk with the Broadway Farmers Market mushroom salesman.

In the last few weeks, the 28-year-old Moy began the first steps on her entrepreneurial dog walk by launching a Kickstarter campaign to formally begin the company and bring her uniquely designed toys to dog lovers everywhere. The first brainchild of the operation is The Odin, a 3-D printed puzzle toy that is meant to be both modular and stylish.

The toy, named after Moy’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a sleek, geometrically planed ball that allows all different sizes of treats to fit inside, necessitating the dog plays with it before the treat comes loose for the hungry pooch. Moy said she loved puzzle toys like this for Odin, who can be a bit rambunctious at times. She said it kept him busy and rewarded him for his work. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Hilloween 2014 sploshes through Cal Anderson onto Broadway


(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Before the winds came, a deluge of October rains turned the Cal Anderson setting for Capitol Hill’s annual “urban carnival” of Halloween fun into a bit of an old-timey mud pit Saturday. But the Hilloween kids — especially those who incorporated galoshes into their Elsa and astronaut costumes — didn’t mind too much. Meanwhile, we also found a few brave, wind-blown lost souls wandering 15th Ave E for some pre-funkish costume action.

Pictures from this year’s Hilloween and the 15th Ave E costume crawl are below. You’ll also find more here on the CHS Facebook page.


Inside the Hilloween tent (Image: CHS)


Continue reading

12th/Pike dog daycare project will also include Capitol Hill’s first doggie bar

mews w blue

CHS noticed the design renderings for the Chophouse Row mews sure was doggy back in 2013

CHS noticed the design renderings for the Chophouse Row mews sure were doggy back in 2013

Underdog? Play Under the Hill? Dog Play Afternoon?

The Central District’s Play Doggie Daycare is opening a second location in an underground space on Capitol Hill, but the owner has yet to settle on a name and she’s looking for ideas. Feel free to help her out in comments.

Sarah Slater, owner of the popular dog daycare at MLK and E Cherry, told CHS she hopes to be open in the space under Manhattan at 12th and E Pike by mid-January. The daycare will focus on small dogs for partial-day or full-day stays — the Capitol Hill location won’t be set up for overnight boardings. Slater said she expects most people to utilize the space by dropping their dogs off 2-5 times a week while they go to work or just for doggy socializing.

“There are so many apartments with dogs around (Pike/Pine)” Slater said. Downtown Dog Lounge on E Denny Way is the only other large-scale dog daycare currently servicing Capitol Hill.

While the new dog daycare will be located underneath Manhattan, it will also interact with the new Chophouse Row complex going up on the block, with connections to the “mews” storefronts and outdoor courtyard. According to Slater and Chophouse plans, a mezzanine “dog bar” will overlook part of the dog play area — an unfair-to-the-competition but ingenious way to keep bar patrons entertained for hours. Design plans say the bar “will allow for patrons to have a drink while their friends get their exercise in a separate doggy-daycare center below.” Continue reading

Three to hospital as suspected DUI driver involved in ‘high speed’ Broadway crash — UPDATE

A suspected DUI driver who reportedly wrestled her car keys back from concerned witnesses after colliding with a pole and a tree was involved in a second multiple car crash just minutes later on Broadway that seriously injured three people early Sunday morning just after 2 AM. UPDATE: CHS has obtained the initial SPD report on the incident that includes details of the female DUI suspect taking her keys from an arriving officer and speeding out of a parking garage before colliding with an SUV at Broadway and James. The details from the report are below. Continue reading

Capitol Hill pot publisher covering the business of Seattle’s retail pot economy

10336788_301921989965574_8598761731603846361_nWhile there might not be any I-502 pot shops on Capitol Hill proper that doesn’t mean marijuana-related businesses aren’t cropping up around the Hill. One man is even crazy enough to try to make it in the media business! John Tommervik created High Above Seattle to review bud and rate the new stores opening around the city. It launched in March. You can check it out at

“I looked at applying for marijuana license and all these different things and I just realized that where I would be best at because of being a creative director and a marketer and all that is to develop a website that just focuses on the local Seattle marijuana industry and just cover it,” said Tommervik who runs the site from Capitol Hill and lives in the neighborhood.

He says his home neighborhood is a big influence on HAS and the growing marijuana industry in Seattle. Continue reading

Capitol Pill | Sirens

We’ve asked Karyn Schwartz, owner of the Sugarpill apothecary on E Pine, to contribute to CHS about health and Hill living on a semi-regular basis. If you’re an expert and want to share with the community in a recurring CHS column, we’d like to hear from you. This is her second post for CHS.

At least a handful of times every day, emergency vehicles race past the front door of the shop. I’m always fascinated by the different ways people respond to the noise and the implied tragedy of the sirens as they screech by. Some put their hands over their ears and hold their breath while others hardly even seem to notice; some keep talking to me like nothing is happening and as if I can hear what they are saying, while others look like they are in actual pain from distress. Not infrequently, people tell me of times in their lives when sirens have meant something very specific to them, and the memories and the feelings they still bring up are as varied as the people sharing them. Continue reading

One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

IMG_20131023_111735_0841-400x225Here are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

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  4. It’s a seller’s market for Capitol Hill condos
  5. Construction to start on Capitol Hill Station with walkway beneath Broadway
  6. Rebuilding a 15th Ave E house with a bookish history, Ada’s prepares for next chapter on Capitol Hill
  7. Police say alleged Broadway bank robber’s first stop was nearby diner for breakfast