What to expect when The Egyptian’s cleaned-up curtain rises following 25-year SIFF intermission

(Image courtesy Serena Preston - SIFF)

(Image courtesy Serena Preston – SIFF)

In Capitol Hill: The Movie, the best characters are never truly dead.

Not two years after Landmark Theaters shut the doors on the historic Egyptian Theatre, the Seattle International Film Festival will present a re-boot of the much-loved Capitol Hill movie venue. SIFF will re-open the newly renovated 99-year-old building at 801 E Pine this week for program members and follow that with a weekend-long celebration of the theater’s past, future and its place in Seattle.

“The timing is perfect right now,” Carl Spence, artistic director at SIFF said. “We’re preserving a venue that we created to begin with.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | 28th Seattle AIDS Walk takes familiar Capitol Hill route for a good cause

(Images: Jim Simandl for CHS)

(Images: Jim Simandl for CHS)

IMG_0930With a lofty $350,000 goal, the 28th annual Seattle AIDS Walk and 5K brought around 2,500 walkers and runners to Volunteer Park Saturday morning to start the traditional trek around Capitol Hill to help raise funds to help people with HIV and AIDS.

While the walk and run had felt familiar for many who have been part of it for decades, this was a big year for change for the organization behind the longtime event. CHS reported on Lifelong’s move to a new home on E Pike and the expansion of its meal services to a new facility.

Lifelong’s challenge to meet its big $350,000 fundraising goal fell a little short in 2013. This year, the tally shows the giving meter at just under $300,000. If you’d like to give it a boost, hop over to seattleaidswalk.org.


More pictures on the CHS Facebook page.

Bus Stop | The 47′s Last Run

15371673582_f960e8682d_zWhat could easily have passed without any note or ceremony was made special by a small group of residents of the Summit Slope and other well-wishers Friday night as they came together to bid farewell, at least for now, to a small but well-loved Capitol Hill bus route.15371675562_581b7c5aa5_z

Melvin, the driver of the last 47 coach to leave Capitol Hill, departing at 10:30 PM from Bellevue Ave E & Bellevue Pl E, has been driving Metro buses for 15 years, and reminisced about driving the 14 all the way from Mount Baker to Summit Ave. Continue reading

Capitol Pill | Fall fatigue can be your friend

We’ve asked Karyn Schwartz, owner of the Sugarpill apothecary on E Pine, to contribute to CHS about health and Hill living on a semi-regular basis. If you’re an expert and want to share with the community in a recurring CHS column, we’d like to hear from you. This is her first post for CHS.

I was walking to the shop this morning –- living back on the Hill after a 20 year hiatus in the south end and getting to know the trees on Pine Street all over again –- and noticing how the leaves are drying, how the light has already changed, and how people are starting to shrink back into their jackets and scarves after a long, hot summer of skin and sun. I love being able to see the seasons shifting, and being reminded about the ways in which the elemental changes in nature are reflected in our own bodies.

Right about now, at the end of late summer and beginning of fall, almost everyone experiences a drop in energy. This is the season when the outward, fiery, expansive energy of spring and summer is changing back to the inward, calmer, slower energy of autumn and winter. Continue reading

One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.56.55 PMHere are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

  1. Pike/Pine nightlife takes a hit with Comet’s indefinite closure, Electric Tea Garden shutdown
  2. The Stranger building next for Capitol Hill mixed-use redevelopment plans
  3. Survey: Are you afraid to walk in Cal Anderson at night?
  4. Beware the ‘High Five’ bandit
  5. Saying goodbye to Uncle Elizabeth’s, last of the Capitol Hill Internet cafes
  6. Ugly hazing incident at Garfield
  7. Another armed robbery reported at Cal Anderson
  8. Victrola Coffee finds itself neighbor to an ambitious Starbucks… again
  9. Wild Capitol Hill | The rats of Pillars Park and the Party Mountain goat of Pike/Pine

SPD makes some progress in getting guns off the street on busy night in East Precinct

Following a burst of armed street robberies in one overnight span earlier this week, SPD patrol officers and gang detectives seem determined to pull illegal guns off the streets of Capitol Hill. Early Saturday morning, SPD made a flurry of busts around Broadway, seizing at least two handguns.

In one incident, SPD bike officers tracked down a man seen waving a gun on Broadway and arrested the wanted felon and another man with him just before 2 AM. From SPD’s report on the incident:

Police received 911 calls about the armed man running down the street near Broadway and E. Union Street shortly before 2 AM, just as nightclubs were closing for the evening and crowds of patrons were spilling onto Capitol Hill’s streets.

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Arboretum trail will give Central Seattle its very own Green Lake

Rendering of the future trail (Images: City of Seattle)

Rendering of the future trail (Images: City of Seattle)

Planners expect a center line to help split traffic on the trail's curves

Planners expect a center line to help split traffic on the trail’s curves

Following this winter’s rains, crews will begin work on a paved trail weaving in an out of the wetlands and gardens of the Arboretum allowing pedestrians a closer connection to the natural preserve and giving bike riders an alternative to busy Lake Washington Blvd.

“Seattleites love Green Lake… this is going to be a great alternative walk in a spectacular Seattle park,” said Paige Miller who works for the Arboretum Foundation and sits on the joint committee that is supervising the project.

The 1.2-mile loop will be 12-feet wide and paved perfect for slower traffic including joggers and strollers. Bicycle riders will be able to pedal through the Arboretum rather than brave the winding, motor vehicle-filled Lake Washington Blvd. Continue reading

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 18,000 19,000 20,000 21,000 22,000 23,000photographs — most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line – our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea.
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Enjoy 2 of Capitol Hill’s most anticipated summer, maybe fall Asian restaurant openings as Manao Thai debuts, Oma Bap celebrates

Blessing Day at Manao (Image: Manao Thai Street Eats)

Blessing Day at Manao (Image: Manao Thai Street Eats)

It’s time to start cashing in on the great Capitol Hill-area Asian food and drink wave of 2014. Two more from our only partly tongue in cheek 9 of Capitol Hill’s most anticipated summer, maybe fall Asian restaurant openings… ever invite you to stop by this drizzly weekend.

(Images: Manao Thai Street Eats)

(Images: Manao Thai Street Eats)

First, Manao Thai Street Eats is open at 13th and E Pine. CHS talked with Teeraya (Cezeaux) Silpi about her new venture with business partner Montida Lertkiatsakul earlier this year. The partners previously owned Kent Station’s Banyan Tree and Lower Queen Anne’s Thai Fusion separately before collaborating the street-food themed restaurant. The menu runs the gamut from fresh rolls to tom yum soup to which phad you desire and prices top out around $12 a dish. Manao neighbors another member of the Asian-flavored wave — Shibumi Izakaya opened on E Pine in April. Hours are 11a to 10p Monday through Thursday, 11a to 1a on Friday and Saturday and noon to 9p on Sundays. You can check out the menu and learn more at manaothai.com.

10582768_721217651249068_8003126096952799471_oMeanwhile, Oma Bap has been open at 12th and Cherry for a few weeks but is celebrating is grand opening this weekend. The Korean fast-styled but not fast-food purveyor of bibimap fled the high rents of Bellevue for…. the less high rents of 12th Ave just south of the relentless battlefront that is the southern expansion of Capitol Hill(tm).

Both Oma Bap and Manao, one might note, are making their homes in retail space inside new development.

Stop by 12th and Cherry this weekend and you’ll get a deal — and advance the Hill’s march toward world domination.

You can learn more at omabap.com.

Man injured in another I-5 homeless camp fall

I-5 tents the day a man fell 50 feet and died (Images: CHS)

I-5 tents the day a man fell 50 feet and died (Images: CHS)

That camp area is currently cleared

That camp area is currently cleared

Thursday night just before 10 PM, yet another man fell from the walls above onto I-5 near the Convention Center, just below Capitol Hill. This victim was luckier than others. He fell only 10 feet, Seattle Fire says, and suffered only non-life threatening trauma.

The incident was the latest in a spate of similar falls in recent weeks along this stretch of I-5. Thursday night’s victim, like most of the others we are aware of, was headed to a camp on WSDOT property where homeless people set up and junkies shoot up along, above and under the freeway.

Earlier this month, a man fell near the same part of the I-5 express lane exit where Thursday night’s victim was injured. He fell 50 feet and died of his injuries after being rushed to the hospital. Continue reading

Seattle rents rising faster than in any other major U.S. city — even faster on Capitol Hill

Numbers from the Census Bureau are about as official as it gets for calculating nationwide trends. So call it official: Seattle’s rent is the 10th highest in the U.S. and its rising faster than any other major city.

According to data released by the Census Bureau this month, median rents in Seattle reached $1,172 in 2013 — an 11% increase from 2010. Seattle surpassed Long Beach, CA and Oakland, CA in its rise to the top 10.

The Seattle Times wrote about it here, but buried one important stat: the renter population actually outpaced the rent increases as the city added 13% more renters in the same time period. In 2013 some 307,000 people were renting in Seattle.

On Capitol Hill rents are rising faster.

Continue reading

East Precinct: ‘Some officers are very hesitant to use force in situations where force is clearly needed’

An internal email to East Precinct cops from a watch commander obtained by KUOW encourages the officers who work on the streets of Capitol Hill, First Hill and the Central District to use more force as they patrol the neighborhoods.

“Some officers are very hesitant to use force in situations where force is clearly needed,” writes Lt. Bryon Grenon in an email dated September 18th. The email also indicates Grenon’s displeasure with officers who have said they are hesitant to use “appropriate force” because of concerns over paperwork:


The memo was sent before Thursday morning’s burst of armed robberies around Capitol Hill. One day after the email was sent, a suspect believed to have stolen beer from the Broadway/Pine Walgreens suffered a fracture jaw as police say he attempted to run from officers after he was handcuffed. A SPD representative told CHS that incident was not considered a use of force because the officer said the suspect’s injuries were caused by his own actions. Two days after the email was sent, an officer suffered facial injuries during an attempt to arrest two suspects near the Cal Anderson basketball court.

In addition to sometimes onerous levels of paperwork, East Precinct officers are also facing increasing pressures as the area’s population grows and recent years have brought slowdowns and freezes in police hiring. Mayor Ed Murray has pledged to boost SPD hiring in 2015 with budget to bring on 50 more officers. More than 1,300 officers already serve the city. Meanwhile, a leaked memo reveals that “most” burglaries in the North Precinct are not being investigated because of a lack of detectives to work the cases.

UPDATE: Following the spree of armed robberies around Capitol Hill early Thursday, there were no hold-ups in East Precinct reported overnight.

Seattle begins installing bike share stations — including a dozen around Capitol Hill

Pronto, the nonprofit bike share that will begin serving Central and Downtown Seattle in October and will expand into the Central District in 2015, has started the process of installing 50 docking stations around the city. A dozen of those stations will serve Capitol Hill, First Hill and Seattle University.

It’s not all smooth riding, however — the service also announced that the first-of-their-kind helmet vending machines will not be ready for October’s launch.

The first Seattle Pronto station went in overnight across I-5 at 9th and Mercer:

CHS has been told the Capitol Hill-area stations and kiosks will begin being installed and are planned to be in place for the service’s October 13th launch. You can see the final installation locations below: Continue reading