No charges for shooter as alleged suspect killed in Capitol Hill armed robbery identified — UPDATE

Thanks to a CHS reader for this picture from the scene

The 24-year-old shot dead at an E John bus stop early Tuesday morning on Capitol Hill has been identified but few details have been publicly released in the shooting as authorities complete their investigation and weigh any charges in the case.

The King County Medical Examiner’s office says the 24-year-old has been identified as Jayson Williams. Williams died early Tuesday after being shot in reported self defense during an attempted armed robbery at 10th and John.

Investigators say Williams died of multiple gunshot wounds. Arriving officers reported the 24-year-old down and shot in the stomach, according to East Precinct radio reports from the night. He was pronounced dead by the time he was taken to Harborview by Seattle Fire. A second male involved in the alleged stick-up reportedly fled on foot and was not injured by the gunfire. Continue reading

Signal changes at Broadway and John should make everyone’s trips easier

A person crossing the street in the north-south crosswalk at Broadway and John

(Image: Ryan Packer/CHS)

By Ryan Packer

One of Capitol Hill’s busiest intersections should get easier to navigate this year, whether you’re in a car, on foot, or in a wheelchair. Broadway E and E John is slated to get a brand new set of traffic signals as part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Neighborhood Street Fund grant program. With the signal upgrades will come separate turn signals; drivers heading east on John Street or west on Olive Way will be asked to wait to turn left until pedestrian traffic clears the intersection.

Brie Gyncild of Central Seattle Greenways called the grant application a “last resort” in an SDOT blog post about the project. The city looked at including the signal upgrade with a previous Neighborhood Street Fund grant that made spot improvements to John and Thomas Street across all of Capitol Hill, but couldn’t make it happen due to high cost.

“The Neighborhood Street Fund was a last resort, because we have been trying to get these improvements made for a while,” Gyncild said. “This intersection has seen injuries and close calls. We all recognized the need for change here, but it’s expensive because signals are expensive and there are a lot of things that needed to change alongside the new signal, such as ADA upgrades to curb ramps.” Continue reading

Latest Capitol Hill homeless sweep clears Williams Place Park

(Image: @parkupine via Instagram)

Capitol Hill’s tiny Williams Place Park was the latest public space to be cleared of tents and personal belongings as homeless encampment sweeps continue in Seattle.

The treed square at 15th and John was swept Thursday, Seattle Parks confirms. The park will now be closed through June 17th “in order for Parks and Recreation staff to address any damage to the park and reestablish vegetation,” a spokesperson tells CHS.

Thursday’s clearance follows a mid-May sweep of Broadway Hill Park and a much larger clearance effort in April at Miller Playfield as the nearby Meany Middle School prepared to welcome students back for in-person learning after months of at-home instruction during the COVID-19 crisis. Continue reading

SPD investigating 15th and John stabbing

Seattle Police was searching for the suspect in a reported stabbing near 15th and John Sunday night.

Police and Seattle Fire were called to the neary Safeway around 6:30 PM to a report of a man in his 30s suffering from wounds to the abdomen and a head laceration.

According to East Precinct radio updates, the assault victim came to the store from the encampment in Williams Place Park.

Police were searching for a suspect last seen leaving the area on foot westbound on John.

There were no immediate arrests.

A separate SPD response to a nearby Capitol Hill store involving a man in crisis reportedly armed with a knife did not appear to be related to the stabbing incident at 15th and John. SPD took the person in that incident into custody without incident, according to radio updates.

The 15th and John victim was reported to be alert and conscious as he was transported for further treatment at Harborview.


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No injuries reported as fire scorches 11th and John apartment building

A fire burned an apartment unit and did heavy damage to the Case Verde Apartments building at 11th and John on Capitol Hill late Wednesday night.

Seattle Fire said there were no reported injuries. Continue reading

Safeway eyeing Capitol Hill store — and its huge parking lot — for redevelopment

Regional grocery giant Safeway is readying plans to redevelop one of the most prime plots of Capitol Hill land atop the Hill at 15th and John.

Capitol Hill’s “Store 1551” was left out of summer announcements about the company’s plans to develop new mixed-use projects on a handful of Seattle store properties and overhaul many of its area stores. But people familiar with its plans say Safeway has begun to organize community outreach strategies to help shape a mixed-use development to replace the giant store and parking lot at the top of E John. A new grocery would, naturally, be at the middle of things. Continue reading

‘Left-turn Signals at Broadway & John’ only D3 project to survive crowd-sourced Street Fund process

Cut from an earlier plan to improve the corridor for pedestrian, bicycling, motor vehicle, and public transit travel, one of the more challenging intersections on Broadway is lined up to finally get left-turn signals — eventually.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has released the final roster of projects approved this week as part of the crowd-sourced 2019 Neighborhood Street Fund process, an annual series of online voting and community meetings that allocates funding to projects identified by citizens and often including efforts with relatively significant budgets of $100,000 or more. Continue reading

No mystery — Capitol Hill’s mystery soda machine is still missing

Last summer, the mystery of Capitol Hill’s mystery soda machine became mysteriously more mysterious when the mysterious machine mysteriously… vanished. One year and one week later, there is still no trace of the machine beyond its surprisingly robust social media campaign. And, while the clues are pretty much everywhere you look in the machine’s Instagram updates and around its previous home on the sidewalk of E John, the mystery remains.

While SDOT’s improvements to sidewalks along the John and Thomas corridor overlapped with the machine’s disappearance, construction concluded in December 2018, and the former home of the beloved late 20th Century-style soda machine outside Broadway Locksmith remains vacant.

“Wherever it is, we wish it well and hope that it is having a safe and fulfilling journey,” said Ethan Bergerson, SDOT’s media relations lead.  Continue reading

Seattle’s increasingly modest plans for new bike projects include seven across Capitol Hill, CD — UPDATE

This page from the council presentation on the bike plan implementation update oddly includes an image of a Capitol Hill rider on perhaps the most un-pedal friendly in the neighborhood.

Seattle is criss-crossed by 1,547 lane-miles of arterial streets and 2,407 miles of non-arteries. In recent years, the city has added new bike infrastructure to only about 10 miles of those streets per year.

Tuesday afternoon, the Seattle City Council will begin the latest process to shake out the next five years of Seattle bike infrastructure investments. Following the relatively paltry output of the last couple years, the proposed plan includes projects that will likely add up to even less than 10 miles per year. But there are still some new improvements on the list for Capitol Hill, the Central District, and the nearby. Continue reading

Experts: Capitol Hill mystery soda machine disappearance ‘maybe’ time travel

Or we live in the shittiest timeline.

Experts from Liminal Seattle, trackers of all things weird, wonderful, and paranormal across Capitol Hill and beyond, tell CHS they have been unable to determine exactly what caused the late June disappearance of the mystery soda machine from E John.

“Time Travel is always a possibility (as is sabotage by Timehunters— can’t trust those guys),” Liminal Seattle researcher Jeremy Puma tells CHS. “Portals have also been popping up in random places lately,” Puma reports. Continue reading